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Last year’s Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 featured a battle royale mode at launch, but the recently-released Call Of Duty Modern Warfare did not. It seems like that is going to be changing soon, as a notorious data miner has discovered.

Call Of Duty data miner Senescallo posted the leaks on Reddit, which reveal that not only will Call Of Duty Modern Warfare receive a massive 200-player battle royale mode, but also several new features along with it.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Battle Royale

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Battle Royale 1

According to Senescallo, the game’s battle royale mode is reportedly slated for an early 2020 release and will be co-developed by Infinity Ward and Activision-owned studio Raven.

The leak also reveals a full list of zones and points of interest, perks and killstreaks, with the default player count at 200 with modes for solo, duos and squads of four. It will also introduce a new respawning mechanic called Respawn Tokens, which can be looted.

In order to revive a teammate, players need to drag their body to an Ambulance and use a Respawn Token. The dead player will then enter a Gulag Queue, in which they need to fight another dead player in a 1v1 fight to determine who will respawn first. Meanwhile, other dead players will be able to spectate the two dead players fighting in the Gulag while awaiting their turn.

A jailbreak can also occasionally happen at Gulags, causing everyone to simultaneously respawn. Players can place bets on the players who are fighting in the Gulag using a currency called Plunder, which can be earned by completing missions and eliminating enemies. Plunder can also be used to spend on items at plunder box locations or converted into EXP by depositing it into an ATM machine at the in-game bank.

Missions for Call Of Duty Modern Warfare battle royale include Assassination (eliminate a specific player), Domination (capture the flag) and Scavenger Hunt (collect Scavenger Crates). Loots will be categorised into different rarities, and players will have limited inventory space, as well as a levelling system for pieces of armour.

While all of this information remains unconfirmed for now, this is an unprecedented massive leak. The biggest question now is that if all this is true, how are Activision and Infinity Ward planning to release it? It could be through a free update, or paid DLC.

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