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Digimon Survive Sales Top 500K: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // PlayStation Partners Awards 2022 Japan Asia Big Winners Include Elden Ring, Whose Director Isn't Letting It Get To His Head: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // The Callisto Protocol DLC Roadmap Includes New Story Content In Mid 2023: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
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Kakuchopurei’s Best Stories & Videos Of 2019

Kakuchopurei is nothing without engaging stories, videos, and features. Thankfully, we have plenty on this here humble site and a lot of people reading them.

Because of that, our numbers have tripled since last year, amounting to a million-plus viewers total, and is still rising up to this day. For that, we truly appreciate it.

Here are the 15 best stories and videos from our neck of the woods, ranked top to bottom.

Stories & News

The 50 Best Pokémon of All Time

It’s what the title said. Voice out your concerns and grievances on this piece.

Every Marvel Cinematic Universe Films Ranked

Mmmm….Marvel films and rankings. We did this leading up to Avengers: Endgame. We even had a chart and stuff to get this all up and running.

The Top 2D Fighters List

Made by freelancer Jeanne Swee, one of the many folks involved with Infinite Carnage.

What To Do After You’re Done With Final Fantasy XIV’s Latest Expansion

More questing and stuff.

How To Play Google Play Content On Your PS4

A little guide to play your Google Play stuff on your console is a nice lifehack, right?

The 50 Worst Pokémon In Existence

We had to create the complete opposite of the best Pokemon list to balance things out.

The Best PS1 Games Of All Time

All hail the PS1.

The Top 20 Pokémon In Sword and Shield

Aesthetics and cute factor will bring you far in this list.

Weathering With You Ending Discussion

Comicslord isn’t a fan of this film; he voices out why. A ton of people took umbrage with that.

The Best PS4 Exclusives Everyone Should Try

A little something that coincides with the PlayStation’s 25th anniversary, and PS5 rumours and launch announcement.


Our interview with Syed Saddiq post-esports blueprint 

We hope our talk with Malaysia’s Minister of Youth and Sports helps create a better esports future for Malaysia. From esports centre ideas to learning lessons from the Overwatch Malaysia kerfuffle, he sheds a lot of light on everything esports and Malaysian.

Devil May Cry 5’s Dante doing a Michael Jackson

The Best Moments Of EVO Japan 2019

Core values. Heh.

Resident Evil 2 Comparison Video

My, how times have changed.

Hideo Kojima’s Comments On Death Stranding During Launch

Segata Sanshiro Is Haohmaru

Fairy Tail JRPG Preview

How To Play Apex Legends

Why Ryu’s V-Skill 2 Looks A Bit Familiar

The Best of Michiru Yamane – SoundScape

Seems like you folks like comedy & bite-sized vids more than this long-form stuff.

Sakura Wars Theme Breakdown

Not only can we interview ministers about esports, we can also channel our inner otaku and talk in-depth about the Sakura Wars theme.

Spider-Man @ Comicfiesta 2019

The Best PlayStation 1 OSTs

Talking To Tokido, Fuudo, & Nemo Pre-EVO Japan

Our Malaysian Game Dev & Talent Interviews

Malaysia Boleh! We treat our interviews & features equally, regardless of where they’re from: with polish & respect to their craft(s).

We’ll be doing more of this in 2020 and beyond, so stick around & watch this space.

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