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The Epic Games Store (EGS) began 2020 with War, Death, and rad slopes! It’s going to be hard to follow up to that but it looks like the next EGS free offering is worthy of our attention.

Sundered Eldritch Edition goes free on the EGS starting from 10 January 2020. It’s another metroidvania roguelike but with a hand-drawn Lovecraftian twist. The Eldritch Edition comes with new areas, a new boss, and support for 4 players local multiplayer.

The free offering will end on 17 January 2020. As of writing this, you can still redeem the current three free games being offered. If you haven’t done that, you should. Unfortunately, you’ve already missed the encore week for the EGS Holiday Sale 2019.

You can check out the game’s EGS page here.

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