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Rainbow Six Siege’s New Operator Lets You Get Physical With Walls

Why break walls with hammers or explosives when you can just use your good old fists?

Rainbow Six Siege’s upcoming Operation Void Edge will kick off Year 5 of the multiplayer shooter, and it’s bringing with it two new Operators. The first is Oryx, a Jordanian defender so strong that he can smash Siege’s destructible walls and knock down enemies by dashing at them (even if they have shields). The second is Dutch attacker Iana, who employs sneakier tactics courtesy of her fancy hologram.

Oryx’s dash comes with the caveat that it consumes charges that require time to replenish, and wall-smashing drains them all at once. Furthermore, smashing through walls (barricades are fine) will chip at his health. On the bright side, he also has the nifty ability to climb through open floor hatches, and it doesn’t consume charges.

I’m intrigued by Oryx’s reliance on physicality over gadgets, but those who like mind games might be more partial to Iana. Her hologram is unable to cause damage and can’t repel or climb, but is otherwise identical to Iana in terms of movement, appearance, and sound. The hologram, however, has the edge of not triggering traps it passes, allowing Iana to scout maps without endangering herself.

Operation Void Edge will also bring with it a reworked version of the Oregon map, in addition to various gameplay updates. Among the changes to Oregon include a new freezer section for its basement and a new floor plan for the attic connector.

New operators aside, expect to see “major reworks” of the operators you know and love (or hate). Ubisoft’s blog post has revealed that Tachanka will be the first to get the treatment. IGN recently reported that the defender has ditched his turret and can now carry his machine gun around instead, as well as getting a sweet new incendiary grenade launcher.

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