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It’s hard to go home again, especially if you’re the kind of guy who is stuck in director’s jail like Sam Raimi.

An exclusive Variety report stated that the Evil Dead and Spider-Man director is in talks to handle Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness for Marvel Studios. Raimi may be replacing original director Scott Derrickson who originally departed the project due to creative differences. The latter will remain an executive producer.

If it all pans out, Raimi will be scheduled to work on it starting May. The last movie he made for Disney was Oz The Great & Powerful; he was given US$215 million for it and ended up making Disney US$493.3 million. That movie was made back in 2013, FYI.

Despite that “prison”, he’s been doing a lot of production work for various horror franchises like Poltergeist and his own Evil Dead films. It’ll be a boon for comic book fans to see him back to doing comic book movies: the first two Spider-Man movies are hailed as the best superhero films of the 2000s. Even the third one, for all of its many flaws, is so much better than the Amazing Spider-Man films when you think about it.

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