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Saints Row: The Third Remastered Looks Sharp & Is An Epic Games Exclusive

The Saints Row: The Third Remastered trailer is now out, showing off its updated graphics and improved audio.

The existence of the remaster was leaked by the ESRB a few days ago, so the real surprise comes at the end of the trailer when the Epic Games Store logo is displayed. I was assuming that it would be on Steam, but, as with Metro: Exodus and Borderlands 3, it shows that just because a series was previously on Valve’s platform, it doesn’t mean that it’d be there forever.

Having said that, Metro: Exodus and Borderlands 3 were also timed exclusives. While we don’t yet know if Saints Row: The Third Remastered will also be a timed exclusive, the possibility is there.

As for the remaster itself, it does look nice, but I wonder if it’s really that necessary. Saints Row: The Third still looks and sounds good enough from what I remember, and while the gunplay could use some improvement, this being a remaster instead of a remake means that that will remain unchanged.

I also have a small gripe about the improved lighting. I dig it, for the most part, especially the neon lights at night. But dusk looks a tad too melancholic now, considering the game’s wacky tone.

If you’re hooked by the trailer though, you can pre-order the game, which includes the original’s mission packs and 30+ DLC items, now for $34.99 (RM152.20) on the Epic Games Store. Saints Row: The Third Remastered is not yet listed on the PlayStation or Microsoft Store, but Amazon UK lists a price of £34.99 (RM164.59) for both the PlayStation 4’s and Xbox One’s physical version.

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