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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Riot’s hot stuff team-based shooter had a lot of players and hours in its closed beta. So naturally comes the flexing: Riot claims that on average, nearly three million people played the beta daily.

Here are the rest of the numbers broken down:

  • Twitch views for the game are at a staggering 470 million hours. Guess a LOT of people like watching others play a team-based shooter that’s part CS:GO and part Overwatch.
  • 34 million of those hours were just for a single day.
  • The game also garnered 1.7 million viewers in total. For comparison’s sake, CS:GO broke 1 million concurrent users this year.

These numbers are impressive, but at the end of the day, a game’s multiplayer and online worth is its staying power. While Valorant is still a wee baby in comparison with the eight-year-old CS:GO, Riot has proved itself to making games and maintaining their lifespan amidst the bickering fandom via League of Legends.

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