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Batman Arkham Makers Rocksteady Now Has Own Alleged Sex Harassment Problems [Update]

Update: Rocksteady released an official statement saying they’re doing their best to commit to inclusion and getting feedback. We’ve updated the story to reflect this.

Guess Ubisoft isn’t the only big company with its own sex allegation problems. Batman Arkham series creators Rocksteady are also facing a bit of hot water.

According to a recent Guardian report, more than half of the women employed at the London-based video game company signed a letter to bosses accusing the studio of failing to prevent sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour in the office. This letter was made two years ago, in 2018 by the by.

These transgressions include:

  •  “slurs regarding the transgendered community”,
  • “discussing a woman in a derogatory or sexual manner with other colleagues”,
  • sexual harassment “in the form of unwanted advances, leering at parts of a woman’s body, and inappropriate comments in the office”.

While Rocksteady allegedly held a training seminar to curb this sort of behaviour, nothing else was done and the company did not do much else prior to that. There is also a video from former Rocksteady writer Kim MacAskill where she details the abuse on video.

Rocksteady responded with the following statement where they received the following unsolicited letter. With the 2-year-old letter out in the open via the Guardian report, it seems like all bets might be off lawsuit-wise.

The comments on this tweet are blocked. The story is still developing, though this isn’t putting companies like Rocksteady in a good light, considering their big game reveal is happening this coming Sunday.

This is then followed by Rocksteady’s official statement. Basically, they’re listening and doing something about it.

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