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CoD Warzone Season 5 Games Of Summer Event Is Dropping Later This Week

Later this week, the Call Of Duty Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 5: Reloaded will drop the Games Of Summer event update, which will add new modes, maps, operators, and more.

The Games of Summer event will run from 28 August to 7 September 2020.

PS4: 10.6 GB

Xbox One: 14.09 GB

PC: 11.3 GB (F2P) / 17.6 GB (Premium)

Both Call Of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare players can enter a series of five single-player Trials, competing for points and medals. Players will compete on behalf of their country in various shooting galleries.

Infinity Ward will launch the Trials on different dates:

  • Gun Course (28 August 2020) — clear the course, eliminate enemies, spare civilians.
  • Price’s Alley (29 August 2020) — clear endless targets with a handgun, spare civilians.
  • Risky Parkour (30 August 2020) — run through toxic gas to clear the course.
  • Shooting Range (31 August 2020) — destroy all targets in the area.
  • Marksman Challenge (1 September 2020) — quickly kill long-distance targets with a sniper rifle.

The various Trials offer different rewards for each tier of medal a player wins. Infinity Ward hasn’t revealed them all yet, but rewards include vehicle skins, XP tokens, vehicle horns, calling cards, and Legendary weapon blueprints. Players who earn a gold medal on each trial can earn the Legendary Juliet assault rifle blueprint.

These medals will also contribute toward their country, each of which Infinity Ward has weighted by how many participants they have. At the end of the Summer Games, Infinity Ward will declare one country to be the champion, based on how many medals its residents have earned.

Season 5: Reloaded also brings a new weapon to Warzone and Modern Warfare: the FiNN LMG. Players can earn the weapon via in-game challenges or purchase the Mainframe bundle for a special blueprint. The FiNN LMG is a cross between an assault rifle and light machine gun, with more accuracy.

Warzone players can look forward to a new mode called King Slayer; a team deathmatch mode inside the battle royale. The circle doesn’t get smaller, but it does move around the map. There will be multiple teams in King Slayer, and the top player in the top five teams will be “kings.” Killing the king rewards bonus points and offers a free Killstreak.

Warzone players will also get a Gunfight Tournament during the Games of Summer event. The mode will take place on a new map designed after the Verdansk stadium’s pitch. All Warzone players will have free access to Gunfight from 28 August to 2 September 2020 for the tournament.

Meanwhile, Modern Warfare will receive a Ground War variant called Ground War Reinforce. Players need to capture three flags in the middle of the map to win the round. However, players do not revive when they die and must spectate until their team captures a flag.

Last but not least, the cosmetic store will be updated, including the addition of Morte, a new Italian operator. Infinity Ward will launch Call Of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 5: Reloaded on all platforms at 2pm GMT+8 on 25 August 2020.

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