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Square Enix has announced that the Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep trio is officially joining the Bring Arts action figure line. You can get Ventus, Aqua and Terra together.

  • Ventus: US$104.99 (or roughly RM428)
  • Aqua: US$94.99 (or roughly RM388)
  • Terra: US$84.99 (or roughly RM347)

Ventus comes with the Wayward Wind keyblade, interchangeable head sculpts, with one ready for battle or with eyes shut, and six types of hand parts.

Aqua comes with the Master’s Defender keyblade, which was passed onto her from Master Eraqus, as well as two interchangeable head sculpts and five types of hand parts.

Terra comes with the Master Xehanort’s keyblade and the Earthshaker keyblade, as well as two interchangeable head sculpts, and four types of hand parts, as well as an interchangeable head sculpt, where the figure’s appearance can be transformed to Organization XIII’s Terra-Xehanort.

In the meantime, the last Kingdom Hearts game was pretty bad, even for fans.

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