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Two more veteran developers from Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) Japan have announced their departure. It’s just in time too; only one day before the company officially starts its restructuring process and shifting focus to Astro’s Playroom developer Team ADOBI.

Shinsuke Saito revealed his departure from SIE Japan via Twitter earlier this morning. Saito is an artist, animator, and character designer, as well as being best known for designing Gravity Rush franchise protagonist Kat.

The other veteran developer leaving SIE Japan is Kentaro Motomura, and he’s worked on several famous titles such as Bloodborne, Wild Arms, Dark Cloud, and Everybody’s Golf. He announced his departure via Twitter as well.

They are only two of many developers that have since parted ways with SIE Japan. Back in February 2021, another Bloodborne producer named Maasaki Yamagiwa announced that he would be leaving SIE Japan at the end of that month. Previously, Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama also left SIE Japan to create his own studio, and he’s already working on a new horror game.

Most recently, Bloodborne executive producer Masami Yamamoto also left SIE Japan. In February 2021, SIE Japan announced that Japan Studio will be re-organized into Team Asobi on 1 April 2021.

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