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Biomutant Tips & Tricks To Help You Survive This Beautiful Yet Ugly World

This guide will be periodically updated. The game is pretty fresh right now at this point in time.

Biomutant is out now to fully sate your action RPG open-world gaming jollies. Despite some of its jank, Experiment 101’s game is impressive and packed full of charm and secrets from start to finish.

Here are some tips to fully maximize your Bioadventure.

Take Your Time At The Character Creation Screen

At the start, you’ll get to pick your character type and class, as well as change up his/her fur colour. Each of them will have different passives and starting abilities to complement your playstyle.

Here’s a breakdown of each class:


The best default class that is good at melee and range. Gets the Perfect Reload buff which gives you instant reloading for your ranged weapons and a +20% damage boost in your next magazine. The Deadeye’s critical chance also gets a 2% buff from the get-go. Also, you start the game off with a one-handed gun and a two-handed sword.

Pick this if you aren’t sure which class to decide, and if melee isn’t quite in your Biomutant future. Protip: you may want to invest in the dual gun perk and buff up your agility to at least a 60 or above so that you can handle high-tier one-handed guns.


Focuses on ranged attacks. Gets the Fury perk, which makes your ranged weapons deal 10% more damage to the target. You get a nice rifle at the start of the game. Pick this class if you’re sure you’re going the ranged attacker route, particularly with rifles and shotguns.


This class gives you some skills to help you cast spells and use mutant skills to the max. Perks include a Spark Ball ability you can use at the start and the Megamind passive which gives you 20% increased Ki-Energy Regen. You fight unarmed and with a one-handed gun. Essentially the mage class, if you plan on going Light or Dark and want to have an assortment of damaging fire and elemental spells, go for this.


A pretty awesome melee class. Grants you the Twin Silver Grip skill which lets you dual wield at the start of the game, and also the Hypergenetic perk that reduces your Dodge Energy cost by 20%. The Saboteur’s critical chance is also at 10% from the start.

If you want a quick heavy-hitting class who can easily chain Wung Fu moves to go into Wung Fu (Super mode), go for the Saboteur. In addition to dual sais, you get a one-handed gun.


A defender type class. Receives the Toughness perk which gives your base armor an extra 10 points. You start off with a two-handed Crusher weapon and a one-handed gun. Use this if you rather be a stonewall and just outlast the opponent with defense & high hit points.

Figure Out Your Stats

Here’s a breakdown of the stats:

  • Vitality: Determines health and armour.
  • Strength: Determines melee damage.
  • Intellect: Determines power from your skills, ki energy amount, and energy regeneration. Also determines how many tries you get in a puzzle; the higher the intellect, the more steps you get.
  • Agility: Determines move speed.
  • Charisma: Determines conversation modifier chances and barter.
  • Luck: Determines critical chance and loot chance.

Allocate Your Level Up Points Onto Luck

There’s a ton of mods and weapons you can find all over Biomutant. To turn up your chances at getting higher rarity loot, add points to your Luck stats whenever you can. That way, if you get your Luck stats to a 100, you can score pretty good equipment and mods about 6 hours or so into the game.

Also, your critical chance gets buffed up so your attacks can sometimes deal double damage. That’s a pretty good deal especially if you have fast attacks (melee or ranged) that can garner more chances for critical hits. One method is to allocate 10 points to your main stat for the first level up, then the next 10 points to Luck on your next. Alternate back and forth until your Luck stat is about a 100 or higher.

Mod Your Weapons; Don’t Buy Them

There are vendors and gadget-sellers in the game who charge a ton of greens for weapons and armour/clothes. Don’t buy them.

Instead, spend more time looking for free mods for existing weapons and items you uncover throughout your journey. With the above tip on Luck stats, the mods you get will sometimes be at a higher rarity. Save up your greens for recovery items like health packs or energy packs.

Find All The Elemental Suits When Prompted

In Biomutant, you’ll be coming across certain areas featuring elemental hazards like heat, cold, biochemicals, and radiation. If you don’t have enough resistance levels built up, you’ll lose health running in these places. So if you’re given a sidequest to search for a specific elemental suit, go for it. They’ll give you complete immunity to their respective hazards and they’re worth finding.

Usually, these quests start off with you going to a satellite dish centre, then solving a puzzle and then turning the satellite to find the area with the most pings. You then head on over to the dungeon to find for the special suit. Easy stuff; it’ll take you just half an hour to complete.

You Can Change From Light To Dark Easily (Or Vice Versa)

If you want either the good or evil ending, you don’t have to worry about making long-term choices and making commitments.  If you have a change of heart, the best way for a quick alignment change is through the strangers in distress quests.

There are 23 or so caged mutants to free, and after each one of them, you’ll get the option to let them go or straight-up murder them. If you want Light points, let them go. If you want Dark points, kill them. Because you can.

Take Your Time

A number of reviews say that Biomutant is a 10 to 15-hour game. While that’s true, speeding through the game means missing out on a grand adventure and lush “wasteland” to explore that’s filled with loot to obtain and side characters to unlock. Your first playthrough should at least be 25 hours or so checking out every corner of the world and at least unlocking halfway tiers for your additional items like your “crowbar”, your “giant fist”, and your Goopglider.

Because of the game’s open-world nature and “repetition” (which is basically in EVERY open-world game out there), it’s usually best to just play the game in small spurts. Set a goal to explore an undiscovered part of the map, search for the items you want, fight mobs nearby, and then call it a day. Then switch it up by doing the main quest and kill off a World Eater.

Or you can abuse the game’s Photo Mode and take lovely pictures and vistas. It’s not every day you get a world as beautiful as Biomutant, right?

Long story short: take it slow. It’s not like you have anywhere to be given the current world situation, right?

Need help beating the game’s bosses? Check out our video walkthroughs here.

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