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The E3 2021 rumours and leaks are starting to spring up now, with this first salvo looking pretty convincing.

According to a recent Reddit thread, 2K Games may be announcing the following games during E3 2021 week (11th June):

  • A Borderlands spin-off title code-named Wonderlands: Codename Daffodil, which starts Tiny Tina. The game’s real name might be Tiny Tina’s Wonderland (which Gearbox already trademarked). The game will be a first-person shooter with looting and RPGing, as well as multiclass heroes to play as.
  • A new Firaxis turn-based strategy game that uses Marvel Comics and MCU characters and properties. It’s basically XCOM meets Marvel Heroes.
  • A new action game dubbed Codename Volt. Sources say that the game is “Saints Row meets Cthulu”. This game may be worked on by Hangar 13, the folks behind the recent Mafia games.
  • Another NBA basketball title called NBA 2K22. Dirk Nowitzki will be this entry’s cover athlete.

What makes this slew of leaks a tad more credible than countless others? Well, Bloomberg games journalist Jason Schreier made a comment on Twitter about whether “people would notice this leak”.

Update: turns out that while the leaks are allegedly real, they may all not be announced at E3 2021. Take these with a grain of salt until the show. Still, the Borderlands spin-off and Marvel Superheroes XCOM game sound pretty awesome!

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