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Maneater Truth Quest DLC Chomps Our Way Later This Month

Developer and publisher Tripwire Interactive has announced that Maneater Truth Quest is slated to release on 31 August 2021 as a DLC add-on to Maneater for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store).

Maneater Truth Quest continues where the story left off following the thrilling conclusion in Maneater. Starring the titular and evolved bull shark protagonist and investigative journalist/narrator Trip Westhaven, Maneater Truth Quest will take players down the rabbit hole of dark secrets and conspiracies surrounding Port Clovis and the Naval Wildlife Organization (NWO).

The original stories of animals growing bone-like armour, emitting flesh-eating toxins or using electricity as a weapon were simply just old fisherman’s tales. That is until conspiracy theorists everywhere pointed to the original Maneater as solid proof of a Government coverup. Trip Westhaven, driven to the brink of madness, fires up his ViewTube channel “Truth Quest”, to take his followers, the “Questers” into deep waters in an effort to uncover the dark secrets behind this whale of a tale.

Chris Parnell (Saturday Night Live, Rick And Morty, Archer), reprises his role as investigative journalist Trip Westhaven in the Maneater Truth Quest “Site P” trailer, further exploring the dark conspiracies players will uncover in their underwater journey.

Maneater Truth Quest DLC takes players to a brand-new island off the coast of Port Clovis – and comes packed with new evolutions, challenges, wildlife, and more! Players will once again take control of the apex predator of the sea to Eat, Explore and Evolve their way to the top of the food chain.

Those interested in testing the water can also look forward to a free pilot episode, showcasing some of the new objectives players can sink their teeth into while uncovering the mysteries that lie below. This pilot episode features approximately 10-15 minutes of gameplay and is intended to provide a small taste of what’s to come with the full version of Maneater Truth Quest. 

New features and content include: 

    • New Evolutions 
      • New Evolution Set.
      • The maximum level cap increased to 40.
      • Five new organ evolutions with one additional organ slot unlocked at level 35 (requires DLC ownership).
  • New Wildlife
      • New “Uber” Apex Predator.
      • New evolved hunt creatures.
  • New Military Forces for Bounty Hunter System.
  • Military land forces will launch attacks from beaches and fortifications.
  • Helicopters will hunt by air.
      • Five new Bounty Bosses.
  • New weapons and vehicles for military Bounty Hunters.
  • New Objective Types
      • Failure to Communicate: Tail-whip objects to destroy the target objective.
  • Time Trial: Swim through the rings before time runs out.

The Maneater Truth Quest DLC will require the base game, Maneater, to play — and will be available for US$14.99. The original Maneater is a single-player, open-world action RPG (ShARkPG) where YOU are the shark. Starting as a small bull shark pup you are tasked with surviving the harsh world while eating your way up the ecosystem.

To do this, you will explore a large and varied open world encountering diverse enemies — both human and wildlife. Find the right resources and you can grow and evolve far beyond what nature intended, allowing the player to tailor the shark to their play style.

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