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Psychonauts 2 Guide: How To Brave Through Double Fine’s Latest

Psychonauts 2 is out now for Xbox consoles, PS4, and PC. It comes highly recommended if you love awesome storytelling and fun 3D platforming gameplay featuring mind powers and puns aplenty.

Here are some basic tips to maximize your experience as Raz the intern.

Explore & Pace Yourself

Psychonauts 2 isn’t a speedrun kinda game; it’s a 3D platformer with wide-open spaces and hubs filled with secrets and collectibles. You can even uncover a sidequest or two as you explore the many open areas such as the Motherlobe, the Quarry, and the Questionable Area theme park. Go hang out with Raz’s family, or talk to a bunch of oddball characters or two; there’s a lot of fun stories and jokes to dig up.

Figure Out The Best Psychic Skills To Rank Up First

At the start of the game, you begin with these basic psychic skills: Levitation, PSI-Blast, Pyrokinesis, Telekinesis, Clairvoyance, and your melee attack.

You’ll gain new ones along the way, in this particular order:

  • Mental Connection: Connect and grapple between thought bubbles placed throughout the game, enabling you to traverse unreachable spots.
  • Time Bubble: Slows down objects and enemies in a time bubble.
  • Astral Projection: Summons a Raz Archetype with GIR’s voice and can squeeze through small and tiny crevasses. Acts as a decoy during combat.

We suggest spending your early Intern Credits on the following:

  • Telekinesis Rank II: Extra Mustard. Fling objects with increased force to deal more damage.
  • Telekinesis Rank III: Sleight of Hand. Cooldowns between TK plucks are shortened.
  • Pyrokinesis Rank II: Bonfire. Wider fire range.
  • Levitation Rank II: Wrecking Ball. Hurt enemies while you’re rolling on your ball.
  • Mental Connection Rank II: Sucker Punch. Grapple enemies, then damage them after with a quick knuckle sandwich.
  • Time Bubble Rank II: Quick Time. You can use Time Bubble a tad more frequently.

Turn On “Triple Jump To Glide” and “Levitation Ball Pulldown From Glide” If You Want Extra Powers To Map

If you like using Levitation but don’t want to have it equipped on your trigger buttons all the time, try this tip. In the Controls option, turn on the following: “Use Triple Jump To Glid”e and “Levitation Ball Pulldown From Glide” (via Seth Marionello). This will allow you to seamless transition from gliding to Lev Ball on the ground.

That way, you have one extra psychic power to map (for combat purposes) and you can use Levitation without needing to equip and unequip it.

Once You Get Astral Projection And Fully Upgrade Your Mental Connection Rank, You Can Start 100%ing The Previous Stages

The Astral Projection and the Rank 5 Mental Connection powerup (where you can connect dark thoughts) are the last few powerups you need before you can collect every single thing in Psychonauts 2.

In fact, after you finish the game, you can continue playing post-game to get 100% in each level. You can use the Brain Tumbler in Sasha’s Lab to go to the Collective Unconscious to revisit past minds and fever dreams. In other words, don’t worry about getting locked out of collecting everything in the game while in the story mode itself.

Psychonauts 2 Psychic Skills List

All inputs are using the Xbox controller.


Rank I: Base Power. You have a punch and an airborne ground pound.
Rank II: Dodge Attack. Press X while dodging to execute a Dodge attack. Requires 1 Intern Credit to unlock.
Rank III: Slap Happy. Get in an extra attack with your melee combo.
Rank IV: Shockwave. Add a radial shockwave to your ground pound that damages and pushes enemies back. Costs 5 Intern Credits to unlock.


Rank I: Base Power.
Rank II: Extra Mustard. Fling objects with increased force to deal more damage. Requires 1 Intern Credit to unlock.
Rank III: Sleight of Hand. Cooldowns between TK plucks are shortened.
Rank IV: Swift Lift. Objects that are stuck in place are plucked faster. Costs 5 Intern Credits to unlock.

PSI Blast

Rank I: Base Power.
Rank II: Overcharge. Hold to charge your blast for a bigger explosion upon release.
Rank III: Mind Mag. Gain an additional blast before having to recharge.
Rank IV: Chain Brain. On impact, bursts into smaller PSI Blast projectiles that do less damage.


Rank I: Base Power.
Rank II: Bonfire. Pyrokinesis burns a larger area. Requires 1 Intern Credit to unlock.
Rank III: Slow Cooker. Pyrokinesis damage duration is increased.
Rank IV: Tres Bon Fire. Pyrokinesis burns a MUCH larger area. Costs 5 Intern Credits to unlock.


Rank I: Base Power.
Rank II: Wrecking Ball. Your Levitation Ball will damage enemies if you slam into them at higher speeds.
Rank III: Pouncy Ball. Hold X to compress your Lev Ball, then release to bounce high in the air.
Rank IV: Levastation! Increases the devastation of Wrecking Ball attacks. Costs 5 Intern Credits to unlock.


Rank I: Base Power.
Rank II: Lasting Gaze. Revealed hidden objects stay visible longer.
Rank III: Mental Block. Take no damage for a brief period when entering Clairvoyance.
Rank IV: Limitless. Your powers are no longer restricted by cooldowns. Costs 5 Intern Credits to unlock. Requires Rank 102.

Mental Connection

Rank I: Base Power.
Rank II: Sucker Punch. Dishes out a free knuckle sandwich to incoming grappled enemies for bonus damage.
Rank III: Think Fast. Cooldowns between enemy grapples are shortened.
Rank IV: Dark Thoughts. Connect to Dark Thoughts to reach previously untraversable areas.

Time Bubble

Rank I: Base Power.
Rank II: Quick Time. Decreases cooldowns between Time Bubbles.
Rank III: Time Zone. Time Bubble affects a large area rather than a single target.
Rank IV: Overstay. Increases Time Bubble duration. Requires 7 Intern Credits to unlock.


Rank I: Base Power.
Rank II: Medi-Pal. Your Archetype has a healing presence that slowly restores mental energy.
Rank III: Two-Ply. Your Archetype can take twice as much damage. Requires 5 Intern Credits to unlock.
Rank IV: Paper Cuts. Enemies take damage when they melee attack your Archetype.


Psychonauts 2 Video Walkthroughs

Here are the walkthroughs for each level in the game beyond the first. It’s spoiler-filled, so here’s your warning:

Hollis’ Classroom & Hollis’ Hot Streak (Stage 2)

Compton’s Cookoff (Stage 3)

Strike City – Ford’s Brain (Stage 4)

Psi King’s Sensorium (Stage 5)

Cruller’s Correspondence (Stage 6)

Ford’s Follicle & Tomb of the Sharkophagus (Stage 7 + 8)

Cassie’s Collection (Stage 9)

Bob’s Bottles (Stage 10)

Lucrecia’s Lament (Stage 11)

Fatherland Follies (Stage 12)

Final Boss Fight


All Memory Vault Locations

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