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Publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Tiny Roar just revealed a lovely-looking action-adventure game in the veins of The Legend of Zelda, except it’s sci-fi and the main character isn’t mute.

The game is called XEL and will be out for PC and consoles in 2022. You play a blue-haired explorer thrust in a strange sci-fi land with aliens and robots, exploring every nook and cranny, take in the sights and sounds of each biome in the world, and probably earn a special item or five that will help solve the puzzles and defeat bosses with specific weaknesses and attack patterns.

We won’t say no to more Zelda clones that look just as good as this, that’s for sure. Trailer & key features below.

Key features of XEL:

  • Sci-fi Dungeon Diving: The world of XEL features a vast, extensive overworld and challenging, Zelda-like dungeons to explore
  • A Deep Combat System: Become proficient at using a variety of attacks and combos, while dodging, and parrying to tackle and take out foes
  • Gadgets & Guns: Master and upgrade your weapons, shield, and gadgets to smash your foes and open up new areas to explore
  • Deep Lore and a Deeper Mystery: What exactly happened to this world, and who is responsible? Piece together a captivating story and dive into the legends behind the cryptic history XEL
  • Spacetime? Not a Problem: Unlock special abilities that allow Reid to bend the rules of space and time, granting her access to previously impassable areas and opening up new ways to defeat difficult enemies

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