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Atelier Sophie 2 was originally announced back in October 2021, Now, publisher Koei Tecmo and developer Gust have shared new details and information about the upcoming JRPG.

In Atelier Sophie 2 The Alchemist Of The Mysterious Dream, players will follow Sophie Neuenmuller in her search for her friend Plachta in the mysterious dream-like world of Erde Wiege. As Sophie makes new friends in town, they set off in search of the missing Plachta. Unfortunately, instead of finding Plachta, they uncover a rift in space that leads them to a mysterious location with no inhabitants in sight.

Just as they decide to give up on their search and return to town, Sophie hears a familiar voice, but before she has time to investigate, a water dragon suddenly appears and attacks the party. Luckily, thanks to the arrival of aspiring alchemist Ramizel and a former knight named Diebold, they are saved in the nick of time.


As they continue exploring this mysterious new land further, they stumble upon the location of Elvira (voiced by Reina Ueda), the goddess who created Erde Wiege. Here, Sophie is finally reunited with Plachta, but her friend appears to be lifeless. Does Elvira know the secret behind Plachta’s unconscious state?

Weather Control System

Throughout the many adventures in Atelier Sophie 2 The Alchemist Of The Mysterious Dream, players will encounter environmental obstacles, such as raging rivers, that will stop their progress. Each area of Erde Wiege has pre-determined weather, but thanks to the discovery of the Dreamscape Stones scattered across the land, Sophie and her friends are able to change the weather to help them progress on their journey.

Using a Dreamscape Stone to change the weather can drastically change the environment, such as lowering the water level of a once flooded location, as well as uncovering new gathering spots with a wealth of unique materials.

Major Gathering Spots

When exploring these new locations, players might also discover Major Gathering Spots—spots that allow them to obtain better materials than those found in traditional gathering spots. If the correct gathering tool is equipped when arriving at a Major Gathering Spot, a mini-game will start, and the quality and number of materials gathered will increase according to their results.

These mini-games include a fishing rod style game where a certain number of fish must be caught and a slingshot game where players have to shatter various targets within the time limit. Mastering these mini-games will help in obtaining rarer materials that are extremely useful for synthesis!

First-Print Run Bonus

In addition, Koei Tecmo also announced today that those who purchase the game physically on its first run will receive a special reversible coversheet for their game and a bonus poster with exclusive artwork by NOCO.

Limited Editions

  • Koei Tecmo America – The Limited Edition of Atelier Sophie 2 The Alchemist Of The Mysterious Dream is exclusively available through the NISA Online Store. It contains an art book, deluxe fabric poster, keychain, bonus BGM CD, and an exclusive DLC costume all packaged into a beautiful collector’s box.
  • Koei Tecmo Europe – Two special edition versions of Atelier Sophie 2 The Alchemist Of The Mysterious Dream, a Premium Box and a Special Collection Box, exclusively available through the Koei Tecmo Europe Online Store. The Premium Box version of the game includes an artbook, a B3 fabric poster featuring an original art piece, an ‘extra tracks’ soundtrack CD, an early-access downloadable content costume for Sophie, and the game all packed into a charming collectable box.
    The Special Collection Box version of the game contains all of the contents featured in the Premium Box version, as well as an A1 wall scroll featuring an original art piece, a whale necklace motif metal keychain based on Sophie’s in-game jewellery, a set of two illustrated clear files, and a special large crystal paperweight.

Atelier Sophie 2 The Alchemist Of The Mysterious Dream is slated to release for the PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on 24 February 2022 in Japan and 25 February 2022 worldwide.

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