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H.R. Giger-Inspired Horror Game Scorn Is Delayed to 2022; Maybe?

If you’re looking forward to playing the esoteric sci-fi horror game Scorn this year, think again.

The H.R. Giger inspired horror first-person shooter Scorn was delayed multiple times since its debut announcement in 2017 via its successful Kickstarter campaign. The game surfaced again in a 2020 trailer, and had a fall 2021 launch window announced. Of course, we’re close to the end of 2021, and developer Ebb Software had no choice but to announce its delay to 2022.

Here’s the announcement the devs made in full:

“Development hell is a term that is thrown around quite often. It should be used on projects that changed their core idea or scope mid-dev and can’t adjust to. That doesn’t apply to our products for the most part. In our case, a lot of mistakes were made and will make more in the future, but it’s a normal process for a new, inexperienced team.

Everything that was done up until the middle of 2018 has been reworked, 90% of it completely scrapped. It’s about making it what we want it to be, not releasing it just because we gave some arbitrary release date. If it’s not ready, it’s not ready. Why would people want to play something that the developers think it’s still not up to par?”

The delay announcement also ended on an aggressive note:

“If lack of communication is so bothersome just ask for a refund and be done with it.”

Studio CEO Ljubomir Peklar apologized for that remark the following day. At least we’ll have this spiffy past trailer to watch, to tide us over until mid-2022.

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