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Upcoming immersive sim Weird West is getting pushed back from its January 2022 release date.

The upcoming game from WolfEye Studios (consisting of ex-Arkane co-founders & folks) will be delayed to 31st March due to quality reasons and the complexities of programming an immersive sim.

“Weird West is incredible (according to beta testers) but needs some wonky moments ironed out (also according to beta testers)!. WolfEyeGames have made something special, and we want you all to have the best experience at launch.”

Founder Raphael Colantonio said the following about the complications:

“We all know how great those games can be when it all comes together. Every player has their own experience, and there’s so many things that can happen. And some of those things can be great, and some of those things can not be so great.”

We don’t mind waiting for a few more months, especially for the insanity that could unfold from a single Weird West playthrough. The game will be out for PC, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, and PS4.


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