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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Monster Wishlist

Have your wirebugs at the ready hunters, the upcoming expansion Sunbreak is almost upon us and with more Monster Hunter means one thing: more monsters!

As in tradition with any new entry to the Monster Hunter series, speculation on what monsters will make a return is a popular topic in the community. So, in anticipation of the expansion, here’s our own personal wishlist of monsters we hope we get to hunt.

Seregios, the Thousand Blade Wyvern

First on the list is Seregios, the pine-cone-looking, blade throwing wyvern and my personal favorite in the whole series. Closely related to another iconic monster, Bazelgeuse, instead of bombs this cousin opts to throw bladed scales from its body. Seregios’ first appearance was in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and distinctly fights in this kung fu-esque style, using his hind legs for kicks to slash at hunters with their long talons. The sheer look of this monster is beautiful especially when it pulses its scales occasionally. Due to its acrobatic nature, I think it will make for a perfect addition to MH Rise and it’ll be exciting to see how the wirebug switches up the combat.

Zamtrios, the Land Shark

Out of the entire list, I feel that Zamtrios is the most likely to appear in Sunbreak. We see its infant form as Zamites, scattered around the Frost Islands area so it’s not so much of a stretch that we’ll see its adult form. Zamtrios is if a shark and a frog got put into a blender. One of the few amphibian wyverns, Zamtrios fights using its menacing jaws along with ice and water, either spewing it or covering itself in ice armor. The armor adds a spike on its head and it’ll begin to slide across the map to impale hunters. What’s more is that he has a second mode, where he inflates himself to gigantic proportions, fighting with rolls and heavy slams. This is similar to Tetranadon, which is also an amphibian monster, further adding more reason Zamtrios is most likely to return. Also its armor set looks like the Keyblade Armor for Kingdom Hearts.

Kecha Wacha, the Strange Monkey Fox

I have a personal fondness of monkeys, so it’s sad to see that there isn’t much variety of monkey monsters throughout the series. Rajang is fun but after appearances back to back, it’s getting pretty old. Enter the Kecha Wacha, a fanged beast introduced in Monster Hunter 4. The Kecha Wacha is a lemur type monster that has a long snout that can spit out mucus. Its agility is its main strength as it uses long arms and hook-like fingers and claws, to swing around and attack hunters alike. It can also glide like a flying squirrel for a heavy slam attack. Flash Bombs also are ineffective as it can cover its face using its ears like a hood. How it swings like an orangutan would be an interesting hunt, as we can keep up with it using the wirebug. Plus, its armor makes you look like Sun Wukong!

Gogmazios, the Tarred Terror

This is the point of the article where we include elder dragons, and boy is Gogmazios worthy of that title. Said to be one of the most terrifying monsters in the MH universe, Gogmazios is a hulking dragon, similar in size to Fatalis in MH World, and is entirely covered in thick tar. The tar can spread into the environment and even thrown into the hunter, leaving them with a unique debuff called “Tarred”. The debuff slows you heavily, similar to being webbed by Rakna Kadaki but will cause you to explode if you don’t dispel it. Also did I mention it has a freaking dragonator attached to its back? Due to the tar covering it, all sorts of stuff stick to it as a result, giving it a rather grimy appearance. If you didn’t know, Sunbreak will be classic monster themed. I’m talking vampires, and werewolves as seen in the recent reveals, and Gogmazios could fit the Frankenstein themed monster potentially? A bit of stretch maybe, but it’s very likely a Frankenmonster will appear.

Inagami, the Former God of Harvest

If there’s any monster in the vast roster throughout the series that deserves to be in MH Rise, its definitely Inagami. An Elder Dragon that was once worshiped as a god that controlled the crops, it has the ability to cause rapid growth in plants, particularly bamboo. You see where I’m going right? Bamboo. Ninja themed Monster Hunter. Inagami fights by causing spikes of bamboo to impale hunters from the ground and uses its large frame to tackle and swipe at enemies. Its appearance is very unique even among the elder dragons, and this can finally be the first monster from the Monster Hunter Frontier line to enter the main series, which is something fans have been asking for years.

So that’s our wishlist for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, fingers crossed it comes true. While you wait for Sunbreak to come out, give our review of Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild a look.

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