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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: All Classes Skill Trees Revealed So Far

The next game after the first-person looter shooter RPG title Borderlands 3 is not called Borderlands 4, but Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Taking place after Borderlands 2, the game pits dungeon master Tiny Tina as she whisks her players -called Fatemakers- to a fantasy world of her making, where you go adventuring in first-person and kill monsters and fantasy beasts with guns, swords, and spells.

Just like with past Borderlands titles, there will be a multitude of classes and skill trees to spec your characters to the best of their abilities. Here are the ones that are out for the public right now thanks to recent previews surfacing online.

Note: Button prompts and inputs are using Xbox and PlayStation controllers.


Class Feat: Dirty Fighting

The Fatemaker’s Critical Hit Chance is increased. Initial stat: 30%.

Action Skill #1: Ghost Blade

Fatemaker throws out a Ghost Blade which spins in place, dealing Melee damage periodically to nearby enemies based on the Fatemaker’s equipped Melee Weapon. Pressing RB/R1

Base reposition penalty: -5% of Max Duration
Melee Damage: 75% of Melee Weapon
Melee Damage Frequency: same as Melee Weapon
Duration: 16 secs
Cooldown: 37 secs

Action Skill #2: From The Shadows

The Fatemaker enters Stealth, turning Invisible. While in Stealth, all damage dealt is automatically a Critical Hit, but these Criticals deal reduced damage.

Critical Hit Damage: -25%
Duration: 8 secs
Cooldown: 36 secs

Skill Tree Tier 1

Arsenal (5 points max) – Melee Damage, Spell Damage, and Gun Damage are increased. Base buff: +3%.

Haste (3) – Melee Attack Speed is increased. Movement Speed is increased. When a Fatemaker casts a Spell, this bonus is doubled for a duration.

Movement speed: +4%
Melee Attack Speed: +4%
Duration: 12 secs

Potent Poisons (5): Status Effect Damage and Status Effect Duration are increased.
Status Effect Damage: +4%
Status Effect Duration: +8%

Skill Tree Tier 2

Follow Up(3): Whenever the Fatemaker deals Gun Damage to an enemy, the Fatemaker’s next Melee Attack deals increased damage. This effect can stack. Melee Attacks consumes all stacks.

Base Melee Attack Damage: +2%
Max Stacks: 10

Swift Death(5): While moving, the Fatemaker gains increased Damage Dealt. The faster they move, the greater these bonuses.

Base Damage Dealt: +4% at default walk speed

Exploit their Weakness(3): Whenever the Fatemaker applies a Status Effect to an enemy, the affected enemy takes increased Damage from all sources for its duration. This effect can stack per unique Status Effect.

Damage increase: +2%

Skill Tree Tier 3

Nimble Fingers: Whenever the Fatemaker deals Melee Damage, their Fire Rate and Spell Damage are increased for a duration.

Fire Rate: +6%
Spell Damage: +8%
Duration: 8 secs

Shadow Step: Kill Skill. The Fatemaker’s next Melee Attack is a guaranteed Critical Hit for a short duration. Duration: 6 secs.

Skill Tree Tier 4

Sneak Attack: Critical Hit Damage is increased. Critical Hit Damage: +3%

Elusive: The Fatemaker can now shoot and Sprint at the same time. Also gains a chance to Evade incoming damage while moving. The faster they move, the greater the bonus.

Evasion: +10% at default walk speed.

Contagion: Whenever the Fatemaker applies a Status Effect, there is a chance it spreads to nearby enemies. If no enemies are nearby, apply a different random Status Effect to the initial enemy instead.

Spread Chance: +8%
New Status Effect Damage: 50% of applied Status Effect Damage.

Skill Tree Tier 5

A Thousand Cuts: Critical Hits grant increased Damage Dealt for a duration. This effect stacks. Melee Critical Hits grant additional stacks.

Damage Dealt: +0.2% per stack
Duration: 12 secs
Max Stacks: 25

Alchemical Agent: Melee Critical Hits apply a random Status Effect.
Status Effect Damage: 10% of Melee Damage dealt

Skill Tree Tier 6

Executioner’s Blade: Gun and Spell Ciritcal Hits have a chance to create an Ethereal Blade above the target that will impale them after a short delay. Ethereal Blades deal Melee Damage based on the Fatemaker’s equipped Melee Weapon.

Base Chance: 20%
Damage: 100% of Melee Weapon


Class Feat: Demi-Lich Companion

The Fatemaker is accompanied by a floating Demi-Lich Companion that targets enemies at range and deals Dark Magic damage. Whenever the Fatemaker casts a Spell, the Demi-Lich will cast Hellish Blast, creating a homing projectile of the Spell’s elemental type, dealing damage to nearby enemies on impact. Any increases to the Fatemaker’s Damage also apply to their Companions.

Action Skills #1: Dire Sacrifice

The Fatemaker sacrifices some of their Current Health to deal Dark Magic Damage and apply Dark Magic Status Effects to all enemies nearby. Dire Sacrifice deals bonus damage proportional to the sacrificed amount of Health.

Dark Magic Ability Damage: 76
Health Sacrifice: 40% of Current Health
Bonus Damage: 150% of Sacrificed Health
Cooldown: 25 secs

Action Skills #2: Reaper of Bones

The Fatemaker is fully Healed, gains Leech Efficiency, and deals Bonus Dark Magic Damage for a duration, but loses an ever-increasing amount of Health per second.
When the Fatemaker would die, they become Invulnerable for a duration, restore some of their Health, and Reaper of Bones ends.

Action Skill Duration is based on the current Health percentage and cannot be modified by other sources.

Bonus Dark Magic Damage: 20%
Leech Efficiency: 25%
Invulnerability: 3 secs
Health Restoration: 20% of Max Health
Cooldown: 50 secs

Skill Tree Tier 1

Mortal Vessel (5): Max Health is increased. Dark Magic Efficiency is increased.

Max Health: +12%
Dark Magic Efficiency: +12%

Essence Drain (5): Kill Skill. Spell Cooldown Rate is increased for a duration.

Spell Cooldown Rate: +5%
Duration: 12 secs

Faithful Thralls (3): The Fatemaker deals increased Damage Dealt for every Companion she/he has. Companion respawn rate is increased

Damage Dealt: +9% per companion
Companion Respawn Rate: +45%

Skill Tree Tier 2

Sanguine Sacrament (3): Whenever the Fatemaker casts a Spell, he/she regenerates Health over a brief duration.

Health Regen: +5% per second
Duration: 2 secs

Dark Pact (5): Dark Magic Damage is increased

Dark Magic Damage: +4%

Harvest (3): Kill Skill. Companions deal Bonus Dark Magic Damage for a duration. This effect stacks.

Bonus Dark Magic Damage: +3% per stack
Duration: 12 secs
Max Stacks: 2

Skill Tree Tier 3

Dread Covenant (1): A portion of the damage taken by the Fatemaker is redirected to the Demi-Lich. When the Fatemaker reaches 1 Health, they immediately restore Health, sacrificing the Demi-Lich. This skill has a long cooldown.

Damage Redirected: 35%
Max Health Restored: 75%
Cooldown: 120 secs

Stain of the Soul(5): The Fatemaker’s Spells deal Bonus Dark Magic Damage.

Bonus Dark Magic Damage: +4%

Dark Hydra (3): Kill Skill. Chance to summon a Dark Hydra Companion, dealing Dark Magic Ability Damage to nearby enemies for a duration.

Chance: 6-%
Dark Magic Ability Damage: 15
Max Dark Hydras: 1
Duration: 10 secs

Skill Tree Tier 4

Ascension(3): Kill Skill: Maximum Health and Spell Damage are increased for a long duration. This effect can stack.

Max Health: +2% per stack
Spell Damge: +2% per stack
Duration: 30 secs
Max Stacks: 10

Punishment (1): When the Demi-Lich casts Hellish Blast, there is a chance it will be cast again after a brief delay.

Chance: 20%

Skill Tree Tier 5

Lord of Edges (1): The Fatemaker gains increased Damage Dealt and Damage Reduction the lower their Health.

Damage Dealt: +25%
Damage Reduction: +25%

Blast Grasp (5): Whenever the Fatemaker deals Spell Damage, there is a chance to create an explosion, dealing Ability Damage of the Spell’s elemental type to nearby enemies. The Elemental Explosion cannot critically hit.

Chance: 20%
Ability Damage: 10% of Spell Damage dealt

Skill Tree Tier 6

Morhaim’s Blessing (1): Casting a Spell automatically activates all of the Fatemaker’s Kill Skills.


Class Feat: Rage of the Ancients

Using an Action Skill causes the Fatemaker to become Enraged, adding bonus Frost Damage to their attacks. Enrage Duration will not deplete while an Action Skill is active and ends if the Fatemaker enters Save Your Soul. Activating an Action Skill when already Enraged restores a portion of the Enrage timer.

Action Skill #1: Dreadwind

The Fatemaker spins, slashing anything nearby with their melee weapon and essentially becoming a pain tornado. Grants increased Movement Speed and Slow Immunity for a duration.

Action Skill #2: Feral Surge

The Fatemaker leaps toward their target, dealing Frost Damage to all nearby enemies. Any non-Boss enemies damaged will be instantly killed if their Total HP is below a certain percentage. If Feral Surge kills an enemy, its cooldown is reset. 

Skill Tree Tier 1

Ancestral Frost (5): Frost Damage is increased.

Savagery (5): Melee Damage is increased. Enrage duration is increased.

Unyielding (3): A percentage of Missing Health regenerates over time. While Enraged, this effect is doubled.

Skill Tree Tier 2

Ice Breaker (3): The Fatemaker gains increased Damage Dealt to enemies that are Slowed. The closer an enemy is to being Frozen, the more Damage is increased.

The Old Ways (5): The Fatemaker deals Bonus Damage and gains increased Damage Reduction the closer they are to the enemy.

The closer the enemy is, the greater the bonus.

Instinct (3): Reload Speed is increased. Weapon Swap Speed is increased.

While Enraged, this effect is doubled.

Skill Tree Tier 3

Cold Snap (3): Movement Speed is increased. Frost Efficiency is increased.

While Enraged, this effect is doubled.

Unarmored Defense (1): A portion of the Fatemaker’s Ward is Reserved and cannot be restored, but their Maximum Health is increased by a percentage of the reserved amount. Health can no longer be Reserved. 

Blood Frenzy (3): Kill Skill: Restore a percentage of your Enrage timer and a percentage of your Maximum Health. 

Skill Tree Tier 4

Ancient Fury (5): Maximum Health is increased. Splash Damage is increased. 

Relentless Rage (1): If the Fatemaker damages an enemy while in Save Your Soul, its duration is extended. The amount extended decreases over time.

Killing an enemy while in Save Your Soul will cause the Fatemaker to become Enraged.

Skill Tree Tier 5

Blast Chill (1): Whenever the Fatemaker deals Melee Damage to an enemy, there is a chance to release a Frost Nova, dealing Frost Ability Damage to nearby enemies. Frost Nova cannot Critically Hit. 

Iron Squall (5): Fire Rate is increased. Melee Attack Speed is increased.

While Enraged, this effect is doubled.

Skill Tree Tier 6

Blood of the Fallen (1): Kill Skill: The Fatemaker’s remaining Action Skill Cooldown is reduced by a percentage. If an Action Skill is currently active, its duration is extended instead. 


Class Feat: Wyvern Companion

The Clawbringer is accompanied by a Wyvern Companion that flies through the environment and attacks enemies with its claws and Fire Breath. Any increases to the Fatemaker’s Damage also apply to their Companions.

Action Skill #1: Cleansing Flames

The Fatemaker summons their Hammer and slams it into the ground, dealing Melee Damage and creating a massive Fire Nova, dealing Fire Ability Damage to nearby enemies.

Action Skill #2: Storm Dragon’s Judgment

The Fatemaker summons their Hammer and hurls it, dealing Lightning Ability Damage to all enemies it touches. It sticks wherever it lands and deals Lightning Melee Damage every second to all nearby enemies. The Fatemaker can recall the Hammer, damaging enemies along its path, ending the Action Skill early, and refunding a portion of the cooldown.

Skill Tree Tier 1

Oath of Fire (5): The Fatemaker deals Bonus Fire Damage with their guns and their Wyvern Companion deal Bonus Fire Damage. 

Radiance (5): The Fatemaker gains increased Maximum Ward Capacity. 

Oath of Thunder (5): The Fatemaker deals Bonus Lightning Damage with their melee attacks and their Wyvern Companion deals Bonus Lightning Damage. 

Skill Tree Tier 2

Dragon Aura (5): The Fatemaker is surrounded by a Dragon Aura that grants themselves and all allies inside it increased Elemental Damage. 

Dedication (5): The Fatemaker gains increased Action Skill Cooldown Rate. The higher their Ward, the greater the bonus. 

Rebuke (5): The Fatemaker gains Damage Reduction from all attacks. Additionally, all allies near the Fatemaker gain a chance to reflect damage back to their attackers as Lightning Damage. 

Skill Tree Tier 3

Blasthamut’s Favor (1): Kill Skill: Killing an enemy with a gun summons a Fire Orb that seeks out a new enemy dealing Fire Ability Damage. Killing an enemy with melee damage summons a Lightning Orb that seeks out an enemy, dealing Lightning Ability Damage. 

Skill Tree Tier 4

Fire Bolt (1): The Wyvern Companion will occasionally shoot Fire Bolts at enemies, causing damage in an area and leaving a splat. Additionally, the Fatemaker gains increased Gun Damage. 

Friend to Flame (5): The Fatemaker’s Wyvern Companion gains Increased Damage.

Storm Breath (1): The Wyvern Companion will occasionally use its Lightning Breath on enemies, causing Lightning Damage that can arc from enemy to enemy.

Additionally, the Fatemaker gains increased Damage Reduction.

Skill Tree Tier 5

Awe (3): After dealing Fire Damage, the Fatemaker gains increased Critical Hit Damage.

After dealing Lightning Damage, the Fatemaker gains increased Critical Hit Chance.

Indomitable (1): If the Fatemaker would enter Save Your Soul, instead they refill their Ward and deal Bonus Lightning Damage for a short time. This skill has a long cooldown. 

Skill Tree Tier 6

Storm Smite (1): Whenever the Fatemaker activates an Action Skill, they call down Elemental Bolts that deal Fire Ability Damage or Lightning Ability Damage to all nearby enemies.


Class Feat: Spellweaving

Casting a Spell or reloading a weapon grants the Spellshot a stack of Spellweaving, increasing Spell Damage. Spellweaving stacks automatically decay after a few seconds. Casting a Repeating Spell has a chance to award additional Spellweaving stacks with each Repeating Cast.

Action Skill #1: Ambi-Hextrous

The Spellshot may equip a spell into their Action Skill slot. Whenever the Spellshot presses the Action Skill Button, they cast that spell.

Action Skill #2: Polymorph

The Spellshot turns an enemy into a Skeep for a few seconds. If the enemy is immune, the Spellshot instantly casts a free Spell on that enemy and gains two free stacks of Spellweaving.

While Polymorph is active, any player that damages the Skeep has a chance to cast a free spell. This effect is guaranteed the first time the Fatemaker deals Gun Damage. If the Spellshot casts a free spell this way, they gain a stack of Spellweaving.

Skill Tree Tier 1

Spell Sniper (5): Gain increased Spell Critical Hit Chance. 

Magic Bullets (3): A portion of all bonuses the Fatemaker receives to Spell Damage is applied to their guns.

Prestidigitation (5): Gain increased Reload Speed. 

Skill Tree Tier 2

Font of Mana (5): Gain increased Spell Cooldown Rate. Gain increased Action Skill Cooldown Rate. 

Mage Armor (1): Whenever the Fatemaker gains a stack of Spellweaving they restore a portion of their Ward. 

Just Warming Up (5): Gain increased Fire Rate for every Spellweaving Stack. 

Skill Tree Tier 3

Glass Cannon (1): The Fatemaker’s Ward no longer automatically recharges, but they gain drastically increased Spell Damage.

Skill Tree Tier 4

Imbued Weapon (5): Whenever the Fatemaker casts a Spell, their Guns deal Bonus Damage of that spell’s element for a short time. This effect stacks once per spell.

High Thread Count (1): Gain increased Max Spellweaving Stacks. 

War Caster (5): Kill Skill: Whenever the Fatemaker kills an enemy, there’s a chance their weapon is instantly reloaded. This chance is increased per Spellweaving Stack.

Skill Tree Tier 5

Double Knot (3): Whenever you score a Critical Hit with a Spell, deal bonus damage equal to your gun’s element. 

One Slot, One Kill (1): Gain increased Gun Damage per Spellweaving Stack.

Skill Tree Tier 6

Sever the Thread (1): Gun Critical Hits have a chance to instantly reset all Spell Cooldowns. This skill has a short cooldown. 

Spore Warden

Class Feat: Mushroom Companion

The Fatemaker is accompanied by a Mushroom Companion that targets nearby enemies and deals Poison Damage. Pinging an enemy will cause your Mushroom Companion to lunge towards them. Any increases to the Fatemaker’s Damage also apply to their Companions.

Action Skill #1: Barrage

The Fatemaker summons an Ethereal Bow, firing 7 arrows that deal Ability Damage on impact. Arrows ricochet twice between nearby enemies. Barrage has multiple charges. Increases to Gun Damage apply to damage dealt by Barrage.

Action Skill #2: Blizzard

The Fatemaker creates 3 Frost Cyclones for a duration that seek out nearby enemies, dealing Frost Ability Damage over time.

Skill Tree Tier 1

Bounty of the Hunt (5): Kill Skill: Action Skill Cooldown Rate is increased for a brief duration.

Kindred Heart (5): Companion Health is increased. Companion Damage is increased.

Eagle Eye (5): Gun Damage is increased. Gun Handling is increased. 

Skill Tree Tier 2

Affinity (5): Ability Damage is increased. 

Spore Cloud (1): Your Mushroom Companion will occasionally let one rip, Taunting enemies and leaving a Poison Cloud that deals damage over time.

Bullseye (5): Gun Critical Hit Chance is increased. Companion Critical Hit Chance is increased. 

Skill Tree Tier 3

Quiver of Holding (3): Magazine Size is increased. The Fatemaker’s currently equipped weapon regenerates ammo over time. 

Medicinal Mushroom (1): While the Fatemaker is in Save Your Soul, their Mushroom Companion will attempt to revive them. If it does, you and your Companion gain increased damage dealt for a duration. 

Windrunner (3): Kill Skill: Increased Movement Speed and Fire Rate for a duration. This effect can stack. 

Skill Tree Tier 4

Thrill of the Hunt (3): Gun Critical Hits grant increased Companion Damage for a duration. This effect can stack up to 10 times.

Called Shot (3): While aiming down sights, the Fatemaker gains an ever-increasing amount of increased Gun Damage and Damage Reduction.

Skill Tree Tier 5

Wrath of Nature (3): Whenever the Fatemaker deals Ability Damage to an enemy, the affected enemy takes increased Damage from all sources for a duration. 

Headhunter (1): Gun Damage dealt to Critical Hit Areas is increased.

Skill Tree Tier 6

Play the Angles (1): The Fatemaker’s Gun Critical Hits have a chance to Ricochet, dealing reduced Ability Damage to a nearby enemy. Ricocheted shots have a small chance to ricochet an additional time. 

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