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Many gamers around the world remain skeptical of cloud gaming as a whole, but according to statistics provided by Newzoo, the new tech is growing rapidly. Cloud gaming generated US$1.5 billion from 21.7 million paying users in 2021.

According to the same report, paying users will almost triple to 58.6 million while revenues will quadruple to US$6.3 billion in 2024. More and more publishers across multiple platforms are now part of cloud gaming industry, including PlayStation Now, Google Stadia, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Amazon Luna, NVIDIA GeForce Now, and many more.

In addition, cloud gaming services also now operate in growth markets across Southeast Asia and Latin America. However, cloud gaming still face various challenges, including balancing technical performance, flexibility, and cost. The industry will likely continue to grow in the coming years, as tech and infrastructure continue to improve.

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