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CEO 2022 Results

One of this year’s premiere fighting game tournaments and expos, Community Effort Orlando (CEO) in Florida, USA, took place during the weekend. Many of the country’s best are fighting for top spots in Street Fighter 5, Guilty Gear Strive, and other popular fighting games. Even overseas players like Thailand’s Book and Japan’s Kudo are representing their respective scenes for a chance at glory on foreign soil.

Here are the results for most of the top fighting games in CEO 2022.

Guilty Gear Strive

1. Vizio | Jonathan Tene (Zato-1)
2. Intel | Razzo (Leo)
3. Moist|Hotashi (Nagoriyuki)
4. LZR|Supernoon (Ramlethal)
5. BC|ApologyMan (Faust)
5. Excedrin|Solstice (Ramlethal)
7. PAR|FlashMetroid (Ky)
7. CGL|K7 Showoff (Leo, Nagoriyuki)

Street Fighter 5

1. XSET|iDom (Laura, Poison)
2. Bandits|MenaRD (Birdie, Luke, Boxer, Sakura)
3. Kudo (Chun-Li)
4. PG|Punk (Ken, Necalli, Karin)
5. Smug (Boxer)
5. END|Shine (Ibuki, Cody, Juri)
7. Grilla|NYChrisG (Ibuki, Chun-Li)
7. CLG|Brian_F (Oro, Boxer)

Tekken 7

1. RB|Anakin (JACK-7)
2. Talon|Book (Jin, Lidia, Akuma)
3. GG|JoKa (Feng, Heihachi)
4. DUSG|Gen (Zafina, Lidia, Fahkumram, Leroy)
5. CRaZY|SuperAkouma (Akuma)
5. DUSG|Rangchu (Julia, Panda)
7. Joonya20z (Katarina)
7. Casual KoDee (Kazuya)


1. TMG|Tamago (Kula, Rock, Krohnen | Benimaru, Kula, Rock | Others)
2. TxC|ViolentKain (Iori, Rock, Krohnen | Rock, Kyo, Krohnen | Others)
3. AR|Wero Asamiya (Iori, Gato, Rock | Yuri, Iori, Rock | Yuri, Gato, Rock)
4. Pako (Luong, Elisabeth, Chizuru)
5. PG|Justin Wong (Chizuru, B. Jenet, Elisabeth)
5. KMT|FKang (Joe, Chizuru, Krohnen)
7. Grilla|Romance (Chizuru, B. Jenet, Elisabeth | Mai, B. Jenet, Elisabeth)
7. Juicebox (King, Rock, Blue Mary | B. Jenet, Rock, Blue Mary)

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

1. BAN|Sonix (Sonic)
2. Liquid|Riddles (Terry, Kazuya)
3. Toast (Young Link)
4. Liquid|Dabuz (Olimar, Rosalina & Luma)
5. PG|Marss (Zero Suit Samus, Joker)
5. TSM|Tweek (Sephiroth, Diddy Kong)
7. MVD (Snake, Diddy Kong)
7. PG|WaDi (R.O.B., Mewtwo, Ice Climbers, Banjo-Kazooie)

Dragon Ball FighterZ

1. BMS|Wawa (SS4 Gogeta, Vegito, Trunks | Blue Gogeta, Vegito, Android 17)
2. VGIA|Shanks (Base Vegeta, Cell, Janemba)
3. Rise|Nitro (Kid Buu, Ultra Instinct Goku, Android 21)
4. PG|HookGangGod (Base Vegeta, Broly, Piccolo)
5. Kasuga (Kefla, Android 21, Android 18)
5. Garlic Bread (Beerus, Super Baby 2, Krillin)
7. 860|Kite (Base Vegeta, Vegito, Android 21)
7. Perfección (SS4 Gogeta, Cell, Vegito)


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