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DNF Duel Guide: How To Excel In This Fighting Game Spin-Off

DNF Duel is out now and if you love 2D fighting games with tons of combo options and offensive play, along with lovely animation and flashy results, you’ll love this title. It’s basically the 2D fighting game spinoff of Korean MMORPG Dungeon Fighter Online and it definitely stays true to the source material while bringing something fresh and exciting to the plate.

Here are some fighting game tips for DNF Duel. Disclaimer: the game just came out so we’re discovering new tech and vids along the way. This guide will be updated periodically.

Use The Game’s Tutorials & Basic Combo Trials

DNF Duel is very combo-centric, meaning that even if you’re good at spacing out and playing neutral with opponents, you still need to follow up your hits with additional attacks. The game’s Tutorial will go in depth with every Class in the game, while the Combo Trials in the same menu (use the trigger buttons to navigate) will teach you the basic combos to maximize your damage after you land your first hit. After all, there are OTG moves and juggle-friendly properties popping up when enemies are knocked out of the air/up into the air.

For example, the Vanguard loves dealing chip damage and guard meter damage, ensuing that they’ll guard break anyone who is blocking 90% of the time. The Striker can just chain her attacks over and over with little need for Conversions. Speaking of which…

Use Your Conversions Properly

As you can tell from the detailed DNF Duel tutorial, the Conversion mechanic is great in keeping your Mana bar in a full state. It also lets you cancel any move you do to either go to neutral or follow-up with a more powerful move or combo. Think Roman Cancel, but it uses the grey life on your life bar; the bits that you want to heal up if you’re on the defensive.

With the game’s limited defensive options, Conversion is a surefire way to pressure opponents, or even bait them to attack when you have a frame trap ready. This also means you lose a significant amount of probable life, as the bigger the grey life, the more Mana you get back. Keep that in mind before you mount your offense.

How To Unlock Lost Warrior

The Lost Warrior is a playable character with fancy teleport and sword moves and acts as the final boss in the game’s Story Mode. To unlock him, all you need to do is complete Story Mode once with any of the characters. It only takes an hour or less to do so.

DNF Duel Story Mode Walkthrough

Story Mode pits you in a visual novel-style story mode with fights peppered in, capped off with a final boss fight. Here are a couple of videos on how they play out, plus some methods on defeating the last boss.


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