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This Valorant Dating Sim Is Coming Out In 2023

A game inspired by Riot Games’ Valorant April Fools parody game, Agents of Romance, is going to be a full-fledged reality next year.

The upcoming dating sim, called Amorant and whose lead developer is ImABeeBop, will be out in 2023 and will allow fans of the team-based esports FPS game to get to know the agents of the game. The project is not made by Riot Games, so it won’t have official branding from the title or come out via Riot Forge, its game client. ImABeeBop said that the team has Riot’s permission and watchful eye, but not their endorsement (via PCGamesN).

“[T]he Rioters we’ve interacted with have been extremely helpful with making sure we’re representing Valorant correctly and respectfully, but apart from that, they’re very hands-off and happy to see what we make on our own. Amorant is not made by Riot, it’s 100% made by Valorant fans!

Amorant serves a double purpose. The project is both a fan creation honouring Valorant, as well as a stepping stone into the game dev world for a lot of our contributors. The internal structure isn’t necessarily reflective of most true studios, but it definitely works like a simulation, adjusting individuals into working on a team within a pipeline. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of our contributors go on to work with other developers and make similar games in the future!”

Amorant will be free to play, as per their agreement with Riot Games.


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