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Trombone Champ Guide: How To Finish The Game For Real

Trombone Champ is an indie game that is half a music rhythm game and half an adventure game with its own secrets. For an indie title whose sole gimmick is the trombone noises played in popular classical music, there’s a bit going on under the hood.

Here’s a guide on how to become a Trombone Champ, get most of the achievements, and solving the game’s puzzles beyond the music rhythm gameplay bits. Note that this guide may contain spoilers to the endgame, so here’s your obligatory warning.

Get 4 S-Ranks

To start, you need to at least get 4 S-Ranks in the game’s tracks. The easiest songs to get S-Rank are: Warm Up, Ball Game, Trombone Skyze, and Zarathustra. The game isn’t that tough, so odds are you can get S-Rank for a quarter of the playlist.

Acquire Your First Baboon

Yes, the game has a fixation on Baboons; you need to play along to beat Trombone Champ. So on the main menu screen, click on the Baboon option. You’ll be taken to a dark room.

Click on the item on the bottom left and click on the 4 S-icons on each corner. You will summon the Treblemaster Baboon in the game’s sole comedic jumpscare.

Once you do that spam click on it while it’s on the ground. You can fill the Cup with Toots keep doing this to unlock Cosmetics and the Blue Key. You need to get the Blue Key as part of the requirements to complete the game.

Collect Cards Requested By This Demon

Spam click the candle in the bottom right comer, this will introduce you to a pink demon thing.

He will ask for certain cards; get these for him and you’ll get Cosmetics. You will need at least 1 or 2 of every card to unlock all the cosmetics.

Get The Second Baboon

You need the”Bass Clef card; get this by building cards or just opening loot box packs via Toots. Spam-clicking it will lead you to the Bassmaster Baboon.

This time instead of Toots to unlock cosmetics and The Red Key, you need poop. To get poop, you need to convert duplicate cards into that currency. You need the Red Key as part of the requirements for the endgame.

Prep For The Final Battle

Before you continue on to this final segment, you will need the following:

  • Champ Trombone
  • 10 Hot Dog Cards
  • Babi Mask
  • Baboon Preference set to Hamadryas (in the game’s settings)
  • Baboon Quantity set to Inferno (in the game’s settings)

This part requires you to amass tons of Toots and Turds, so you’ll need to replay the game’s songs for that grind!

Once you have the Blue and Red Keys, you need to now get a Trazom card. Spam-click on it to get to a room with two keyholes. Use the keys to unlock the final battle. Fight Trazom; when you defeat him, you win the game and are the Trombone Champ!

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