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Trigun Stampede Episode 2 Continues To Impress

Trigun Stampede episode 2 continues to impress from its first episode with its action-packed and thrilling storyline. The episode picks up where the first one left off, with Vash on the run from Rosa and her men, as well as Father Nebraska and his son, who are also chasing the bounty on Vash’s head.

The episode is filled with intense chases, shootouts, and hand-to-hand combat, all of which are animated with high-quality animation. Additionally, the episode also explores the motivations and backstories of the characters, adding depth to the story. The episode also has a great balance of action, comedy, and drama and leaves the audience wanting more.


Vash recounts his past to Roberto and Meryl, revealing that his twin brother, Knives Millions, is the true culprit behind the PLANT attacks and not himself. Meryl expresses doubt, questioning the lack of evidence, while Roberto outright disbelieves Vash’s claim and mockingly suggests it’s a convenient excuse. The audience is already aware, from previous episodes, that Knives had always been evil, even as a child, and was responsible for the destruction of the spaceship which resulted in the deaths of their caretaker, Rem, and the rest of the crew, leading to Vash and Knives being stranded alone.


Rosa’s inn appears peaceful, but suddenly Rosa and a group of men brandish their weapons at Vash, Roberto, and Meryl. Vash is forced to flee from the gunshots, aided by Roberto and Meryl, but his situation is made more difficult by the abundance of WANTED posters featuring his image, making it harder for him to evade capture.

After being captured by Rosa, it becomes clear that her betrayal of Vash was motivated by a proposal made by a police officer in the previous episode. The bounty on Vash’s head would provide enough money for Rosa to purchase a new PLANT, as her own is deteriorating. Rosa rationalizes her actions by claiming that it was necessary for the health of the children and blames Vash’s “bad luck” for her decision, despite the fact that he had previously saved her town twice.

Father Nebraska

As Rosa speaks about the well-being of the town’s children, Vash saves a child from being hit by a truck driven by Father Nebraska, who is also in pursuit of the bounty on Vash’s head. Vash manages to evade him but discovers that Nebraska also desperately needs the money or he will return to prison. Nebraska then goes to the town and causes destruction and chaos, in search of the PLANT. Upon hearing the news, Vash immediately returns to the town to defend it and the PLANT, saving Rosa in the process.

A Hero

Despite being betrayed by Rosa, Vash’s main goal is still to protect the town that had always been kind to him. Even though Father Nebraska is his enemy, Vash wants to help him as well, saving him and his son from death during their fight. After resolving the conflicts with Rosa and Father Nebraska, Vash, Roberto, Meryl, Father Nebraska and Gofsef and the rest of the town gather at Rosa’s inn, where they drink wine and act as if nothing had happened. As Vash leaves the inn, Roberto is outside smoking and asks him who he is running from, even though he already knows the answer: Knives Millions.

Overall, Episode 2 continues to impress and maintain the high standards set by the first episode, and I think it’s a little too early to tell whether or not the overarching verdict of the series meets the standards set by the original anime.

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