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The Street Fighter 35th Anniversary Concert Was Wild And Heartfelt

Capcom’s Street Fighter 35th anniversary concert is a fighting game music connoisseur’s wet dream. It highlights the best of Capcom’s fighting game series from part 2 all the way to the upcoming sixth mothership title’s musical legacy.

The concert started off with the Street Fighter 2 starting screen theme, lovingly recreated by the Capcom in-house band Captune. This is then followed by their version of Ryu and Ken’s theme from Street Fighter 2, which is what you expect from a band of that calibre.

Captune then played the Street Fighter 5 “Bustling Side Street -China Stage” themes; both the starting and final round version. They also played the “Ring of Destiny -Ring Stage” theme which is a culmination of Street Fighter 5’s main theme, but in a more dramatic “tournament stage” setting that works in a live jam crowd setting. To add variety to the rockin’ pacing and genre, the Captune team added in Street Fighter 3 tracks “Dudley Stage” and a couple more for that hip-hop and electronica vibe.

We then get some Street Fighter 4 jams like C.Viper’s theme, Yun’s Arcade Edition theme, and even Cammy’s jazzy-and-electronica-fused version of her iconic theme.

CAPCOM Jam came in to play their renditions of the following themes: Jamie’s Theme “Top Player” in Street Fighter 6, Dan’s theme in Street Fighter 5, and Luke’s “Taking Aim” theme in Street Fighter 6. To add more madness to the series’ musical tribute, the group Lethal Weapons came in with their lyrics-added rendition of Ken’s Theme called “Shoryuken Doesn’t Come Out” with Cap-Jams doing the arrangement.

After that came a segment with Yoko Shimomura, the OG Street Fighter 2 composer. She talked about her experiences in making the game’s soundtrack back in the 90s, bringing up some stories including how she stayed up all night composing SF2 music while the small office of Capcom back in the day had to shut down the lights at a particular hour of night.

Then came the last few segments of the concert, where the in-house stage band performed the following:

  • Guile, Chun-Li, E.Honda Stage from Street Fighter 2, complete with saxophone, flute, and taiko drums for the respective themes
  • Street Fighter 2 bonus stage (the one where you break the car)
  • Balrog (Boxer) theme from Street Fighter 2, with keyboard synths for the main melody
  • Vega (Claw) theme, complete with an electric guitar emulating the Spanish feel of the music
  • Sagat theme, with the trumpets, bass, and guitar licks for the main melody
  • Seth’s theme from Street Fighter 4, and Urien’s from Street Fighter 3
  • M.Bison (Dictator) theme.

This is then capped off with Akuma’s “Killing Moon” theme from Street Fighter 3, with shades from his epic Street Fighter 2 theme. After the crowd cheered, the band came back again for a few more encore tracks: the Street Fighter 2 movie theme “Itoshisa to Setsunasa to Kokoro Zuyosa to” and a special Ryu theme medley where the group played to a match, speeding up when one character is close to losing.

All in all, it’s definitely an epic concert worth catching the stream for. Even if you didn’t watch it live last month, you’ll appreciate all the covers and remixes from this eclectic group. The Street Fighter 35th Anniversary livestream can be watched right now via Zaiko until 12th February; it will cost you US$40.


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