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All Legend and Weapon Changes in S17 Apex Legends

Season 17: Arsenal comes out May 9 and all the weapon and legend balance updates are finally out! Will the meta shift away from its current one? Will players be picking up a different weapon? Let’s take a look at what weapons and legends got touched this coming season.



Crate Rotation

  • L-Star EMG enters the crate

The L-Star also went through some balance changes with it going into the care package.

  • They’ve re-added Disruptor Rounds but only to the L-Star: Disruptor does 60% damage increase against shields
  • The base damage has been reduced to 16 (was 17)
  • Projectiles now have passthrough: 60% damage retained
  • Projectile growth has been increased
  • The recoil pattern has been improved
  • Barrel is removed from attachments
  • Ammo Stockpile: 324
  • Reduced VFX brightness when hitting unarmored targets
  • The RE-45 pistol returns to the floor


Weapon Crafting Rotation

  • The Alternator SMG and Sentinel sniper rifle enters into the crafter
  • The EVA-8 shotgun and 30-30 Repeater marksman returns to the floor


Gold Weapon Rotation

  • Flatline, Triple Take, Spitfire, Mastiff, Volt

Loot Spawns

Improved Vault Loot

  • There is now an increased chance of gold loot. Light mags have also been added to the spawn pool.


Improved Cargo Bot Loot

  • All these items have been removed : small healing items, Mobile Respawn Beacon, White Armor,  White Backpack
  • Adjusted Large Healing and Heatshield spawns to allow for more desirable loot spawns
  • Removed gold weapons from purple tier Cargo Bots but increased spawn chance in gold tier




30-30 Repeater

  • Projectile size increased when fully charged


Triple Take

  • Projectile size increased
  • Improved hipfire spread
  • Tightened bullet pattern when fully choked
  • Ammo per shot reduced to 1 (was 3)
  • Magazines sizes adjusted to match the new ammo costs, Purple Mag: Increased to 10 shots (was 9)


R-99 SMG

  • Removed 1 bullet from base and all magazines
  • No Magazine reduced to 19 (was 20)
  • White Magazine reduced to 21 (was 22)
  • Blue Magazine reduced to 24 (was 25)
  • Purple & Gold magazine reduced to 27 (was 28)


Charge Rifle

  • Reduced shots per magazine to 3 (was 4)
  • Reduced spawn rate






  • Smart loot gains have been adjusted to reduce skipping an upgrade tier. It will now be less likely to jump from White to Purple or Blue to Gold
  • Optics are now given based on team rather than just Assault Legend who opens them
  • A special drop rate has been added for Gold Optics



  • Care packages are now automatically pinged for the team on reveal. This includes empty Care Packages that have already been looted by another team



  • Support Bins will now guarantee at least one Battery in one of the Secret Compartment slots
  • Support Bins will now award MRBs if your ally is dead, even if you don’t have their banner card.
  • Legend Banners can now be crafted by ANY player who has a Support Class Legend in their Squad




  • Dark Veil
  • Scan Highlights & Diamonds are no longer visible through the Dark Veil


  • Class changed from Skirmisher to Support


  • Now gets slowed to weapon sprint speed instead of weapon walk speed when targeting with her tac

Season 17: Arsenal drops May 9 and you can find the full patch notes over here.

You can also find other changes about Season 17 here, and all rank changes here.

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