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VA-11 HALL-A Best Bartender Girl Is Immortalized In Nendoroid Form: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Shenmue Anime Cancelled: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Magic: The Gathering Now Features Optimus Prime & Transformers: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
Diablo Immortal’s First Major Update Is Coming 28 September

Diablo Immortal will receive its first major update "Forgotten Nightmares" which will go live on 28 September and will include a brand-new dungeon dubbed the Silent Monastery and will continue the story's questline. NEW DUNGEON: SILENT MONASTERY The Silent Monastery is described to be a dungeon shrouded in eternal night, you’ll need to find...

Genshin Impact Teleport Waypoint Located In Malaysia, Singapore, & Other Southeast Asia Locations

HoyoVerse really wants everyone to remember that Genshin Impact exists, so what better way to do that than to pay huge amounts of money for space to plop one of their iconic landmarks in the middle of a real city? The company did just that by placing a replica of the game's Teleport Waypoint in Bukit Bintang Crossing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I...

Tower Of Fantasy Receives Two New Trailers To Showcase Its Anime Trappings & Open Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Environment

Publisher Level Infinite and developer Hotta Studio released two new trailer videos for the highly anticipated hit open-world MMORPG Tower of Fantasy. The two videos highlight the creative options open for players as well as showcase multiplayer action in the game for both PC and mobile gamers. Tower of Fantasy (ToF) will be open for pre-loading...

New Genshin Impact Story Trailer Introduces All The Fatui Harbingers

Hoyoverse just unveiled a doozy of a trailer, and it's about the game's main story mode. Fans and veterans know that one of Genshin Impact's major enemy factions is the Fatui. The new story trailer dubbed "Teyvat Chapter Interlude Teaser: A Winter Night's Lazzo" is basically showing off the big bads in charge: the Fatui Harbingers. The trailer s...

DNF Duel Is A Flashy & Fun Fantasy 2D Fighter

Platform(s): PS4 (version played), PS5, PC Genre: 2D fighting game based on a Korean MMO that's influenced by Guilty Gear, now produced by the folks behind Guilty Gear It's amazing how DNF Duel, a fighting game based on the Korean MMO, is being handled by Arc System Works, given that the original Korean MMORPG it's based on is influenced by Gui...

Lost Ark Loses Over 300,000 Players After Recent Ban Wave, And That’s Good News

Sometimes it's fine to cut your losses. That's what Lost Ark has done with its recent banhammer actions. Over the past week, the game has lost about 300,000 players according to SteamDB numbers. The game's North American/European publisher Amazon Game Studios have battled the problem of botting and cheaters for quite a while. The problem with th...

Elder Scrolls Online’s New Chapter High Isles: What You Need To Know

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle DLC is now live on PC/Mac, Steam, and Stadia. You can purchase the upgrade for US$39.99 / RM119.99 or if you're looking to get into ESO and still haven't purchased it then you can buy the base game along with the upgrade for US$59.99 / RM179.99 This new Chapter allows you to explore a never-before-see...

World Of Warcraft Gets Dragon-Filled Expansion

Blizzard has announced the next World of Warcraft expansion. The MMORPG will be getting a new expansion called Dragonflight. The upcoming expansion will introduce a new combination race and class: the dracthyr Evokers. According to Blizzard president Mike Ybarra, the game's systems will be getting an overhaul. Full details of its features below:...

Warframe’s Next Big Expansion Will Be Out End Of April

The long-running online PvE shooter Warframe is getting a brand new expansion called Angels of the Zariman this month. Warframe: Angels of the Zariman will be out on 27 April for PC and consoles that run the game. The expansion is focused on the colony ship called the Zariman, which is part of Warframe's long-running lore. The expansion features...

The Next World of Warcraft Expansion Is Dragonflight

A new leak suggests that a new World of Warcraft expansion is in the works. While Blizzard announced that it has plans to make a major WoW announcement during 19 April, website Wowhead has reported on the upcoming expansion's leaked public source code. An update on the official WoW website had lines of code for the Dragonflight Base, Heroic and ...

The Fallout Writer Who Gave Dogmeat His Name In Fallout Has Died

Scott Bennie, the writer/producer/designer for Interplay's Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, and Fallout back in the day, has died due to pneumonia complications. He was 61, according to a recent Facebook page update. If you are not familiar with his name, you are most likely familiar with his writing and game design works. Back in the 90s he worked...

After 5 Years, Dragalia Lost Is Ending Its Services, Probably In Late 2022

Cygames and Nintendo's joint collaboration mobile RPG Dragalia Lost will be shutting down. Not immediately, mind you. According to both Cygames and Nintendo, Dragalia Lost will end its service sometime after the conclusion of the game's main story campaign in July 2022. The game will conclude its 5-year running story with the second half of Chap...

DNF Duel Shows Off More Ghostblade Gameplay

Publisher Nexon and developers Neople, Arc System Works, and Eighting are back with teasing more DNF Duel characters, its upcoming fighting game of 2022. The next fighter on the list is the Ghostblade, the eerie one. The pale fellow's fighting style seems to be close-ranged with a bunch of follow-ups courtesy of his giant ronin ghost pal who pop...

Lost Ark Is Being Played By 20 Million People Worldwide

Lost Ark, the free-to-play MMORPG from South Korea that's recently in English thanks to publisher Amazon, is the hotness right now. The game has topped 20 million players worldwide following its highly successful English language release. Within three days or so, the game had 4.7 million new players joining its community, mostly from North Ameri...

You Should Probably Pre-Order This Genshin Impact Venti Nendoroid When You Can

Want a cute version of the already-bishie material drunk tone-deaf bard Venti? You've got your wish. The next Genshin Impact Nendoroid figure series from Good Smile Company (via Weibo) will spotlight the aforementioned Anemo bow user Venti via a Weibo announcement. The Nendoroid figure shows off the figure, its accessories like the Skyward Harp ...

Sega’s Sin Chronicle Will Be Out This March In Japan

Sega's upcoming mobile RPG hit will launch in Japan in a few weeks. Sin Chronicle, the mobile RPG that's the sequel to the Japan-hit title Chain Chronicle, will be out on 23 March for iOS and Android devices. The game features speedy turn-based combat, loads of heroes and heroines to gacha, and a story will different choices you can't go back to...

Lost Ark Bans Millions Of Players For Using Bots

Current hot stuff MMORPG Lost Ark seems to have a ton of bots playing the game, so it's only natural for developer Smilegate and publisher Amazon to start waving the banhammers. A month after its launch, Lost Ark has deployed a significantly large ban wave, removing "over a million" accounts for botting in a single day. Given the game's 1,324,76...

Lost Ark Endgame Will Get Some Endgame Nerfs This March

Lost Ark will be getting a handful of updates this March, though the next one will be coming sooner than you think. The next weekly update will be out later this week, and will rebalance some tier 1 and tier 2 endgame activities. The game's Abyssal Dungeons and Guardian Raids will be nerfed. In the original Korean version, the game's tier 1 and ...

Final Fantasy XIV ‘s Next Update Will Overhaul Its Graphics, Also No NFTs

During a Final Fantasy XIV Letter to the Producer stream during the weekend, producer Naoki Yoshida talks about the 7.0 update. Basically, it'll be overhauling its graphics for the better. The livestream detailed the game's graphics overhaul with preparations for this running from 6.1 to 6.5. This will be increasing the MMORPG's minimum requirem...

Lost Ark 1-50 Leveling Guide: How To Speed Through The Game In 10 Hours

This guide is still under development... Lost Ark is out for PC right now, and it's got quite an endgame worth getting to, with Raids and special dungeons with loot galore. Of course, it'll take you a while to get there from level 1 to 50. Fortunately, there's a way to go through all of it within 10 hours or so. Here's a primer on what to do ...

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