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Overwatch League – Stage 1 Week 2 Team of The Week

Starting this week, we will be picking our eight best performers in the Overwatch League to make up our Team of the Week. The criteria of selection include their overall solo and team performances as well as taking into consideration their contribution to team fights. Bonus points for flashy, tide-turning kills as well.

Why eight you ask? While Overwatch is a 6v6 game, we should not account the three main roles of DPS, Support & Tank. Flex players are equally important hence the decision to add them in.

Without further ado, here’s Team of the Week for Stage 1, Week 2 of the OWL:

DPS: Fleta (Dynasty) 

Overall KDR for Fleta in Week 2 was +46 over two games he played. Having played the most amongst all Dynasty DPS players, he’s definitely a starter and expect more fireworks from him.

Total accumulated weekly ratings: 2101

DPS: Birdring (Spitfire)

In two matches against very talented teams (Fuel & Valiant), Birdring amassed a +70 KDR. In the five sets thriller against Valiant, he registered 73 eliminations.

Total accumulated weekly ratings: 2116

Tank: Muma (Outlaws)

Muma’s tank plays were crucial in Outlaws’ wins and he even managed 0 deaths vs Dragons on Junkertown. His stellar performance against Fuel provided a solid foundation for DPS players such as JAKE & LiNkzr to work off en route to a 2-0 weekend. - Total accumulated weekly ratings: 2554

Tank: MekO (NYXL)

While everyone’s focused on Pine’s sick kills, the highly-underrated MekO was super efficient in the backgrounds, opening room for his teammates to wreck havoc while at the same time ensuring his support remain safe throughout. One half of the NYXL tank-duo with Mano, MekO had an outstanding +58 KDR over the weekend – not bad for a tank main!  – Total accumulated weekly ratings: 2580

Support: Jjonak (NYXL) 

Believe it or not – Support main Jjonak had as many kills as Valiant’s top performer Envy, at 43 elims when they clashed last week. Jjonak is proving to be one of the top Zenyatta players in the league and given time, may rise to the levels of Dynasty’s Ryujehong. Also carries the highest rating for a Support player in Week 2 at 2649

Support: Bdosin (Spitfire)

While isn’t as flashy as NYXL’s Jjonak, Bdosin plays more like your standard support who stays back, ensuring consistent support to his mates throughout sans the fireworks. With the second-highest accrued rating amongst all supports this weekend – 2517 (first place goes to Jjonak), Bdosin more than merits a place in this Team of the Week.

Flex/DPS: Pine (NYXL)

The best super-sub in the OWL at the moment, the red-haired, trigger happy, dab-friendly Pine is already a star of the tournament. Simply by subbing him in, the opponents were forced to shift their playstyles so as to not deal with him directly. How’s that for presence.

Flex/Tank: Fury (Spitfire) 

Fury is one of those players who gets stuff done and he does it so efficiently. Need a D.va? Got it. We need a Roadhog? You got it boss. Someone said ‘bubble’? Lemme switch to Zarya. An exemplary player in the flex/tank slot, Fury’s versatility allows his team, London Spitfire to change strategies at a fly which is always crucial when playing at the top level. His 2178 total weekly rating may not be the flashiest, but it contributed tons to Birdring’s elims and Bdosin’s continued survival during team fights.



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