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It’s official folks. After weeks of speculation, Shanghai Dragons have confirmed the signing of the Overwatch League’s first ever female player, former ROX Orcas tank main and Zarya specialist, Kim “Geguri” Se-yeon. Having teased about her move to the Overwatch League a few weeks back, Kim’s addition to the Dragons will definitely help them in trying to not only secure that first win, but also moving out of the bottom of the league standings.

Along with her are three other new additions to the Dragons lineup including two Koreans – former ex-SURGE tank, Eui-Seok “Fearless” Lee and ex-MVP Space Genji main, Ki-hyun “Ado” Cheon. However, the most notable addition is ex-Miraculous Youngster support main, He “Sky” Junjian who formally went by the gamertag ‘zhufanjun’. The highest-profiled player among the four, He was also part of the Chinese team who competed in the Overwatch World Cup.

The transfer window is now open for Overwatch League teams following the completion of Stage 1 last weekend. Players signed within the transfer period will be eligible to compete in the league once Stage 2 starts this 23rd February.

To keep track of all the Overwatch League transfer news, make sure to follow our news trail here. 

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