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Overwatch League: London Spitfire Are Grand Final Champs After Lopsided Win Over Fusion

The London Spitfire finished the inaugural Overwatch League season the same way they started it – at the top of the mountain after stomping the hapless Philadelphia Fusion in the Grand Finals earlier this morning. Carrying a one-game lead heading into day two of the competition, many expected the Fusion to mount a serious comeback – a reverse sweep for the overall win even – but the Spitfire had several aces up their sleeves and had no plans in even allowing the Fusion a sliver of hope.

Fire Down Below

After surrendering the first game to the Fusion on Saturday, the Spitfire started day two in a much more convincing fashion as they stomped their opposition on Junkertown. It cannot get any more one-sided as the Spitfire outplayed, outmanoeuvred and bamboozled Philly resulting in a 53-25 kill ratio. After stopping their opponents at the last bend on Junkertown when defending, the Spitfire met little resistance as they marched towards the marker to seal a 1-0 win for the series.

The play of the map must definitely be Profit’s ridiculous 5K Dragon Strike which slammed the Fusion’s progress shut.

You’d think you’ll only see such move pulled off on Quickplay but the combination of Gesture’s Halt and Profit’s perfect timing ensured that they not only stymied Fusion’s desperate push, but also revealed their opponent’s hero swaps in Carpe, Eqo, Sado and Boombox.

Immediately following the 5K, Profit switched to Brigette who is the perfect counter to Fusion’s diving heroes (Tracer, Genji & Winston).

We discussed earlier how the Spitfire’s win conditions relied heavily on nullifying Fusion’s backline and that was exactly the case over these two days. On top of that, Carpe wasn’t allowed to run rampant as he is so used to in the past mostly due to Gesture and Fury’s effective dives which paved the way for their other teammates to capitalize on space.

On Lijiang Tower, the gulf between both teams were even more telling as none in Fusion finished the map with a positive KDR. They lost all six team fights and the kill ratio between both teams favored the Spitfire 28-12.

While Profit lit up the killfeed with his flashy kills, it was Fury did the heavy lifting in ensuring the Spitfire remained ahead of their opponents with his timely dives and finished the map with the highest player rating as per Winston’s Lab data.

With one map away from a historic win, the Spitfire came against the biggest resistance over two days as the Fusion escorted the payload all the way to the end on King’s Row in overtime. Not to be outdone, Spitfire repeated the feat with over a minute to spare. The late resurgence and heroic acts by Carpe wasn’t enough to contain the Spitfire as Gesture popped off with his Reinhardt when it was their turn to attack.

It was a case of close but no cigar for the Fusion having encountered a Spitfire team who was at the peak of their powers. On other days, Fusion would have wiped the floor clean with their opponents but this Spitfire team was a different beast altogether.

It was just a formality at the end as the Spitfire cruised to capture the first tick on timebank round. They not only secured the map win, but the title as the first ever Grand Final champions of the Overwatch League as well.

Profit walked home as the Grand Finals MVP although we felt Fury would have been a better pick for it.

With that win, the London Spitfire walked home with a cool US$1 million in prize money while the runners-up, Philadelphia Fusion pockets ‘only’ US$400,000. This may be the end of the first season of the Overwatch League but rest assured more is in store for Season 2 as three other teams in three new cities – Atlanta, Paris and Guangzhou – have confirmed their participation next season.

To wrap everything up, the final Overwatch League playoff brackets are as follows:


It’s not the end for competitive Overwatch though, as the Contenders are well underway and the Overwatch World Cup kicks off in August. Be sure to keep it locked on to Kakuchopurei.com as we continue our pro Overwatch coverage going forward.


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