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Is Razer Still Going To Release Its Phones And Laptops In Malaysia? We Ask Min-Liang Tan On Twitter

It’s nice to live in an age where social media presence matter. Kind of. Razer’s Min-Liang Tan was quick in helping out the Malaysian esports scene by investing RM10 million into it. Bravo!


A few days later, our very own Kenn Leandre asked a question about Razer products. A simple question really: is Malaysia still getting Razer phones and Razer Blades on an official non-grey marketing basis?



Based on these public responses, Min-Liang Tan seems to be skirting the obvious question: when will Malaysia officially get its Razer Phone and Razer Blades?

To be fair, if a company plans to release certain things on a regional basis due to market responses, sure. And if they’re ready to make an announcement while just focusing on esports first, that’s their PR prerogative.

Also, the question was asked during a Sunday; people gotta rest & relax, right? If he managed to respond like this during the weekend, however, it would be nice to have a bit of transparency whether Razer bothers distributing its most-requested products to the country he’s helping out esports-wise. It wouldn’t hurt them to make a clear stance here and now.

A side note: ever since Min-Liang made his esports announcement, he received a slew of abusive messages about it, presumably from butthurt Singaporeans. Here is his official counter:

We’ll update this story as time goes by.

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