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The Internet Reacts To Xenoblade 2’s Mythra Censorship On Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Sometimes, censorships for an “E” for games can be beneficial if it makes a character look less trashy. Take this instance for the Super Smash Bros Ultimate spirits artwork; ie the new mechanic in the game’s single-player mode where tons of Nintendo characters make a cameo as stats-boosting powerups you can equip.

One of these spirits is Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s Mythra, who looks like this:


Interesting design, no? Well, here she is in her Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spirit incarnate:


Truth be told, I kinda like this design a bit more. Though her white panties stand out more through her “see-through” skirt thanks to the contrast. Talk about one step forward and one step back.

How did the Xenoblade Chronicles fanbase react to this? Pretty mixed, actually.

They fucked with Mythra’s design HARD in her Spirit (Smash Ultimate Spirit spoilers) from Xenoblade_Chronicles

Given the recent Mythra censorship in Smash Ultimate from Xenoblade_Chronicles

Mods when they see the censored Mythra from Xenoblade_Chronicles

A certain spirit is not that big of a deal guys. (Ultimate Spoilers.) from Xenoblade_Chronicles

I legitimately never noticed you could see Mythra’s panties through her dress until the new Smash outfit made them contrast more. from Xenoblade_Chronicles


We live in interesting times where such aesthetics changes can be sensible and mostly accepted by all. What do you think?

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