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In an unexpected turn of events, Bungie has announced that it’s ending its publishing partnership with Activision but will retain the rights to Destiny. The contract with Activision originally began in 2010 when Bungie became an independent developer (breaking off from Microsoft) and was looking to publish their first new IP after the Halo franchise.

According to a post on the developer’s official website, Bungie is ready to publish independently backed by the full support of its “remarkable Destiny community.” Meanwhile, it was also stated that Activision will be focusing on their own IP projects from now on.

While the post didn’t mention how Bungie will move forward with the franchise, this move will definitely be well-received by fans of Destiny. Both Destiny and Destiny 2 have been criticized for its development issues and intrusive microtransactions, amongst other problems.

Some fans have blamed these issues on Activision, with the publisher having publicly announced in the past that Destiny 2 has been a commercial disappointment. This is the opposite of what Bungie believes, as a response by Destiny 2 director Luke Smith stated that “we set out to build a game that Destiny players would love, and at Bungie, we love it too.”

Clearly, there has been years of tension between the former power couple. The split from Activision might spark a return to form for Bungie, with perhaps more Halo-quality games from the developer in the future. Not being restricted or controlled by a publisher would also mean more creative freedom, which would only spell better games for gamers in the future.

The games industry and media chip in about the split; some positive, some cautious and realistic.

As for Activision? It’s currently facing a rough time as it went through an executive shake-up and cut corners in its Blizzard Entertainment subsidiary. 


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