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Tips & Tricks To Survive Far Cry New Dawn: Perks & Ability List, Crafting, & So Forth

Far Cry New Dawn is Far Cry 5 but on a smaller scale. As such some tips from that game should apply here in this technicolour-savvy post-apocalypse.

Still, there are some differences you should be aware of in this new Hope County. Kakuchopurei will get you sorted out; here are our tips & tricks to survive the New Dawn.

Enemies & Weapons Have Rank

Nothing in this new future is created equally; that goes for bad guys and weapons. Each of them are ranked I, II, III, and Elite. Elites are obviously the hardest hitters and they take way less damage from low-ranked weapons.

How can you tell an enemy’s rank? Simple: by looking/aiming at them when marking them. And how do you improve weapon ranks or get higher ranked weapons? Easy peasy: just upgrade your Workbench to Level 3 in Prosperity. Speaking of which…

Ethanol > Everything Else


To improve your bases in Prosperity, you need ethanol. Lots of it. To get it, you need to liberate outposts. You can get more ethanol if an outpost is repopulated with bigger bad guys.

There are also other ways: the Highwaymen drive around in big oil tankers which you can hijack and drive back to Prosperity. Easier said than done; you need to take out the driver, try not to blow up the tanker, and then risk being chased by trigger-happy Highwaymen with guns. To make your life easier, unlock the Repair perk early on so your tanker can be repaired on the fly.

Time and again you’ll see airdrop notifications in New Dawn. The drop will always be close to you, so head there, kill off the Highwaymen within the vicinity, then loot your spoils and that sweet sweet ethanol.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Having Your Outposts Repopulated

Like we mentioned before, you can get more rewards if you let one of your captured outposts be repopulated with tougher Highwaymen. All you have to do is head to the Scavenge table for additional ethanol. Of course, once it’s repopulated you’ll have bigger and badder Highwaymen, more alarms, and higher-ranked challenges. Have fun!

Play Expeditions For More Supplies


Later in the game, you’ll get to partake in Expeditions. In this mode, you’ll head out of Montana to other parts of the country, raid a huge outpost and find a specific package, then get out.

The catch? The package has a GPS on it, so if you collect it, all enemies within the area will hunt you down. A chopper will pick you up from a designated extraction zone after a few minutes, so you have to stay alive against a wave of Highwaymen until it arrives. Think of this as Far Cry New Dawn’s random dungeon sessions from the Diablo series: lots of loot but lots of chaos.

Expeditions are also important because it’s the only reliable way to get circuit boards. Among all the other materials like springs, gears, duct tape, and components, circuit boards can be tough to find in Hope County.

Where Else Can You Get Circuit Boards From?

  • From airdrops.
  • Trading in elite animal skins at crafting benches or with traders on the road.

Spend Your Perk Points On Weapon Slots ASAP

Sure, you can use your perk points on Repair and Grapple first, but once you get more, use it for more weapon slots. In a game where you need more guns to survive and to liberate outposts, it’s essential. You can’t play the game on stealth mode most of the time, so it doesn’t hurt to have an extra shotgun or assault rifle in case things go sour. And they will.

And Now, Here’s Far Cry New Dawn Perks List


  • Tactical Binoculars – equip binoculars to tag enemies more quickly, from greater distances, and in a wider radius (unlocked from the beginning).
  • Well-Armed – carry a third weapon (unlocked from the beginning).
  • Grapple (2) – attach a grapple to a grapple point. Fall damage is reduced.
  • Fishing Rod (2) – adds a fishing rod to your weapon wheel.
  • More Lung Capacity (2) – increases half breath duration while sniping and while underwater. Increases sprint duration.
  • Repair Torch (3) – adds the Repair Torch to the weapon wheel. Repairs vehicles, cracks open safes, and burns enemies.
  • Skydiver (3) – use a wingsuit while falling. Fall damage is reduced.
  • More Fist Damage (3) – increases fist and kick damage.
  • More Medkits (3) – increases carry amount for med kits.
  • More Melee Weapons (3) – increases carry amount for melee weapons
  • More Throwables (3) – increases carry amount for Explosives, Throwing Knives and Bait
  • More Light Ammo (3) – increases ammo carry amount for the Handgun, Shotgun, SMG, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, and Arrows.
  • More Heavy Ammo (3) – increases ammo carry for the LMG, RPG, Grenade Launcher, Flamethrower, and Saw Launcher.
  • Hotwire (4) – automatically disables booby-traps on Highwaymen vehicles.
  • Heavily Armed (4) – carry a fourth weapon. Unlock Well Armed first.
  • Locked and Loaded (5) – reload weapons while aiming with semi-automatic handguns or sniper rifles. Switch to the last equipped weapon more quickly.
  • Lock Picking (6) –  pick locks on doors and safes.
  • Mechanics (6) – reduces weapons overheating on machine guns. When in a vehicle, it will slowly repair itself.
  • Outdoor Enthusiast (7) – prey won’t flee as easily. Fish are easier to reel in once hooked.  Unlock Fishing Rod first.
  • Dexterity (7) – accelerates consumable crafting, sabotage, disabling alarms, and opening safes and supply drops. Throwback incoming dynamite.
  • Advanced Takedowns (7) – takedown Rank II enemies. During a Takedown, throw melee weapon at a nearby enemy.
  • Saboteur (8) – explode vehicles after 10 seconds. Explode vehicles when they hit an obstacle at high speeds. Explode alarms and mounted weapons when used.
  • Covert (8) – decreases noise level when moving. Increases movement speed when crouched.
  • Expert Takedowns (8) – takedown Rank III enemies. During a Takedown, shoot with your sidearm. Unlock Advanced Takedowns first.
  • Master Takedowns (10) – takedown Elite enemies. During a Takedown and perform another takedown on an adjacent enemy. Unlock Expert Takedowns and Advanced Takedowns first.


Far Cry New Dawn’s Scavenging & Crafting List

Here’s a list of craftable materials you can find in the game and where to get them.

  • Ethanol: Upgrades facilities in Prosperity – liberating outposts, looting supply drops, and stealing tankers.
  • Duct Tape: Crafts weapons and vehicles – at marked locations, treasure hunts, expeditions, and by trading animal skins/fish.
  • Components: Crafts weapons and vehicles – at marked locations, treasure hunts, expeditions, and by trading animal skins/fish.
  • Gear: Crafts weapons – at marked locations, treasure hunts, expeditions, and by trading animal skins.
  • Spring: Crafts vehicles – at marked locations, treasure hunts, expeditions, and by trading animal skins/fish.
  • Titanium: Crafts weapons and vehicles – expeditions, loot enemy trucks, safes, animal skins.
  • Circuit Board: Crafts weapons and vehicles – expeditions, trade animal skins.
  • Carbon Fiber: Crafts weapons and vehicles -liberating outposts, trading animal skins.
  • Copper: Crafts ammunition and consumables – in containers (the big yellow ones), looting enemies, trading animal skins/fish.
  • Blasting Cap: Crafts molotovs, dynamite, pipe bombs, proximity mines, and smoke grenades – in containers (the big yellow ones), looting enemies, trading animal skins/fish.
  • Black Powder: Crafts explosives and smoke grenades – in containers (the big yellow ones), looting enemies, trading animal skins/fish.
  • Solvent: Crafts molotovs and heals guns for hire – in containers (the big yellow ones), looting enemies, trading animal skins/fish.
  • Yucca: Heals guns for hire – in forestry.
  • Bougainvillea: Heals guns for hire and crafts medkits – by lakes and in riverbeds
  • Cistanche: Crafts medkits – in caves and alongside roads.
  • Meat: Crafts bait, medkits and heals Fangs for Hire – loot animals.



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