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Has anyone ever asked for an eroge/hentai NSFW Mass Effect Nier Automata XCOM hybrid game? Well, Studio FOW is here to fulfill someone’s most depraved fantasies with exactly that, and it has managed to raise more than a whopping $1,200,000 on Kickstarter with nine days left to spare in its campaign.

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The game is officially titled, Subverse, and the developer describes it as “an unholy mixture of shoot ’em up’s, Tactical RPGs, Mass Effect exploration and a sprinkling of eroge goodness”, which is as best a description as any.

Here are some details about Subverse:

  • Nine romanceable waifus planned for the full game, and yes, there will be actual fully-animated sex scenes
  • Players assume the role of a male captain of a ship called the Mary Celeste
  • The game will be around 20 hours long with 10 chapters

There are a lot more unsavory details, which you can check out on its official Kickstarter here. It’s going to be weird to see a game with arcade-style shoot-em-up bullet hell ship combat and a grid-based tactical RPG XCOM-like combat system with Mass Effect romance dialogue options.

If you’ve never heard of Studio FOW, then it’s probably for good reason, They’re responsible for developing hardcore 3D pornography featuring iconic video game characters like Tomb Raider‘s Lara Croft, Nier Automata‘s 2B, and even some from Overwatch.

Subverse is still in its alpha stages, but will purportedly be released for the PC on Steam. However, no expected release date or release window is stated on its Kickstarter. In the meantime, check out the trailer for the game below. Just make sure no one is in the room with you, or better yet, use Incognito Mode.


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[…] As reported earlier, Subverse is a PC game that mixes RPG, shmups, and eroge visual novels in one slick CGI package. You play as a Captain who commands a crew of the sexiest and deadliest female scientists, androids, and warriors in the galaxy. Just like James Tiberius Kirk, you will explore the final frontier that is space and bang a lot of multi-coloured humanoid aliens, crew members and outerworldly denizens. […]

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