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Rage 2 Tips & Tricks: How To Survive Bethesda’s New Wasteland

Rage 2’s Ark Guide: Getting The Ranger Powers & Guns You Need (via GamesRadar)

You need to open up Arks to get power-ups and be badass in Rage 2. Here’s the gist of it, numbers and all.


1. Quake Hill Ark

Rage 2 Quake Hill Ark

  • Vortex ability
  • Ark Chests x1
  • Storage Containers x2
  • Data Pads x3

Quake Hill Ark is actually underground and hidden by a boring grey building on a cliff’s edge, surrounded by shipping containers. To find the Ark head into the building and through the door at the back. Keep heading through the back until you reach a bridge.

The bridge will collapse as you cross it and you’ll be able to access the Ark and learn the Vortex ability. It’s a kind of an explosive mini-black hole that sucks in enemies, damages them, and then blasts them out. Oh, and you can use it as a makeshift trampoline to get to higher ground when it explodes.

2. Junkers Pass Ark

Rage 2 Junkers Pass Ark

  • Shatter ability 
  • Ark chest x1
  • Storage Containers x6

The Shatter ability’s a useful upgrade to get as it acts as a powered up, lunging melee attack that’s handy when things get too close. It also smashes off armour, which is incredibly useful for softening up tougher enemies. The Ark is located at the back of a bandit settlement meaning you’ll have to clear it out before you can pop the doors and claim the prize.

3. Cannon Cove Ark

Cannon Cove Ark rage 2

  • Defibrillation ability

The Canyon Cove Ark contains the Defibrillation ability which can bring you back from the dead if you match the on-screen button prompts. Given that it’s actually pretty hard to die in Rage 2, this probably isn’t a priority. But it’s nice to have in case you accidentally die via random explosion.

4. Great Crack Ark

Great Crack Ark rage 2

  • Grav-Jump ability
  • Ark Chests x1
  • Storage Containers x4

The Grav-Jump ability you get from the Great Crack Ark is pretty essential for exploration, as well as reaching resources and chests, so you want to pick it up fairly early. The Ark is actually at the rear of a small town like area with a road running through it. Just look for the settlement and head in. It’ll then funnel you through to the Ark at the back.

5. Spikewind Ark

Spikewind Ark rage 2

  • Barrier ability
  • Storage Containers x4
  • Data Pad x1

Given that Rage 2 is a game all about fast, mobile gunplay the deployable shield Barrier Ability has limited uses. But it can be handy to protect yourself once in a while amidst the chaos. There’s a Junk Mech outside the Ark so you might want a little more firepower to take it down faster, but otherwise, destroy the mech and then head in to get the ability.

It’s hard to miss this Ark as it’s just out in the open behind a large pipe and some two-story buildings.

6. Shrouded Vault Ark

rage 2 Shrouded Vault Ark

  • Charged Pulse Cannon
  • Arc Chests x2
  • Storage Containers x5

It’s easy to miss the Shrouded Vault Ark as it’s hidden under this unassuming building. You won’t even trip the Ark proximity warning until you’re basically inside the little round door at the base of the tall dark structure.

Once inside, move through the building until you reach the Ark and you’ll get the Charged Pulse Cannon for your efforts. It’s an interesting weapon that does more damage the more it overheats so you have to juggle overusing and cooling it at the same time to get the most out of it.

7. Dank Catacomb Ark

rage 2 Dank Catacomb Ark

  • Firestorm Revolver

It’s hard to miss the Dank Catacomb Ark as it towers over a street of single-story houses in front of it. There are a few enemies to fight through before you can get in but it’s worth it to grab the Firestorm Revolver.

It fires incendiary bullets you can detonate separately, meaning you can stud an enemy with tiny explosives before setting them all off at once. It’s got splash damage too, so it’s great for landing damage on bad guys otherwise shielded by cover.

8. Strongbox Ark

  • Smart Rocket Launcher
  • Ark chests x2
  • Storage Containers x5
  • Data pads x1

The Strongbox Ark is well worth prioritising as you explore because the Smart Rocket Launcher inside is one of the most useful weapons in the game. It fires swarms of tiny homing missiles that make short work of almost any boss, or slightly larger-than-normal enemy.

It’s another Ark you could miss as it’s right at the back of an abandoned settlement called Strongbox, and you’ll have to ditch your car and head in on foot. It looks a lot like the towns you visit for supplies but it’s ruined and overrun with bandits. Kill them all and you’ll find the Ark at the back.

9. Earthscar Ark

  • Slam ability
  • Storage Containers x2

Much like the Dank Catacomb Ark, the Earthscar Ark is hard to miss as it overlooks a selection of small, low houses. Fight your way up the hill to clear all the bandits and get inside to earn the Slam ability.

This lets you pound your fist into the ground to release an area of effect attack – the higher you fall the more devastating it so it’s a great jump move to clear space when things get busy.

10. Needle Falls Ark

  • Grav-Dart Launcher launcher
  • Storage Containers x3

You’ll find one of Rage 2’s most fun weapons inside the Needle Falls Ark. The Grav-Dart Launcher is basically a gravity tether that pulls together any objects you hit with its bullets.

So if you shoot an enemy and a car, the two will be pulled into a collision that only one will survive. You’ll have to fight some airdropped Authority soldiers to gain access but it’s worth it for a gun that basically turns everyone into lethal magnets.

11. Greenhaven Ark

Rage 2 Greenhaven Ark

  • Hyper-Cannon

You’ll find the Greenhaven Ark inside a slightly confusing mess of high white walls. there’s also a Cyber Crusher and some other smaller enemies to take care of before you get in.

Once they’re all dead you can grab the Hyper Cannon which takes a second to charge but will penetrate pretty much anything you point it at and can clear multiple enemies with one shot.


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