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Not to be outdone by Epic Games’ Fortnite, the battle royale game that started it all is getting an upcoming worldwide tournament. Because the world needs more friggin’ battle royale esports nonsense.

Fresh off its gameplay updates (see video here), the PUBG Corporation is launching the PUBG Nations Cup which will be hosted in Seoul, South Korea, this August from 9th to 11th. According to a public announcement, the tournament features a large US$500,000 prize pool and will have the country’s best professional PUBG players fighting against each other for a huge chunk of that money.

No, I have no idea why this trailer and those 3D sculptures and layout look like it came out from the Overwatch World Cup trailer template.

The tournament will feature 16 teams from 5 continents: North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. Players will be selected either using the peer-review method or through the country and its community’s voting process. Each 16-player team will play 5 matches per day, with the entire tournament lasting 3 days to tally up the top teams in this round robin battle royale

Speaking of upcoming PUBG tournaments the rest of the world gives a crap about, the MET Asia Series: PUBG Classic tournament will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from 26th to 28th July, and will feature a butt-ton of Chinese and Korean teams like Team Weibo and ViCi Gaming.

To the three teams who will be occupying the Southeast Asian slots: good luck because you’ll need it.

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