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The Legend Of Dragoon is a cult classic JRPG game which was originally released for the original PlayStation back in 1999 in Japan and 2000 in the US. It combined traditional turn-based gameplay with a quick-time event mechanic and the ability for the player’s characters to transform into Dragoon forms.

Recently, Bluepoint Games Technical Director Peter Dalton teased the possibility of a The Legend Of Dragoon remake as a future project. The developer is best known for the Shadow Of The Colossus remaster and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection on the PS4.

On Twitter, when asked about The Legend Of Dragoon, here’s what Dalton replied with:


While these tweets are far from the confirmation that fans of the game would have wanted, it offers them a bit of hope that a remake could be coming in the near future. The original game has never received a sequel, but a remake is entirely possible due to the already-close relationship between Bluepoint Games and PlayStation.

More and more game remakes are announced every so often. Fingers crossed that the next one is a The Legend Of Dragoon remake.


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