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As a big fan of Zoo Tycoon 2, I’ve been waiting for years to get my hands on a true successor to the series and it looks like Planet Zoo will fill that void in my heart.

The game’s exclusive beta will start on 24 September and end on 8 October 2019. However, it will only be available to those who have pre-ordered the game. You can do that right now through the game’s Steam page. Go, do it right now.

The beta will allow players to test out the Franchise Mode, Steam Workshop support, as well as many of the game’s features and content. Only Scenario 1 of Career mode will be playable because the devs don’t want to spoil the story ahead of launch.

You read that right. This is a zoo management game with a storyline.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to play Sandbox Mode. However, there will be a bunch of community activities and giveaways that will be held throughout the beta period. For you streamers out there, do note that you can stream the beta and make everyone else feel jealous.

For more information, read the official news post here.

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