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Control is one of 2019’s best surprises, a supernatural thriller where players can fulfil their hearts’ desire of being a physics-bending Jedi master. The game is relatively short, as it can be completed in just a little over 10 hours. However, several speedrunners have discovered a way to break the game, beating it in less than an hour.

How did they achieve this? By exploiting both the glitches and game protagonist Jesse’s array of telekinetic powers. A speedrunner named Bryon “Bryonato” Rothfusz ran through two specific glitches to the folks at PCGamer.

The first way to beat Control in under an hour is called Slidey McGunny and it involves making Jesse invisible by removing everything in her character model except her gun. This is done by overlapping two in-game menus; the control point menu where you fast travel and your inventory in the pause menu, followed by playing a multimedia file and intentionally getting killed.

This method works because the player can now go through doors that would otherwise require keycards to open (which can only be acquired by progressing through specific story points). It also allows players to skip the first boss in the game, Tomassi.

The second way to beat Control in under an hour is one that involves consistently going out of bounds by picking up items at a certain angle. For example, clipping through walls by pushing yourself under a small stairway. Speedrunner Fladi (who discovered this method) described how to he accomplished this:

“I tried jumping onto a metal pallet while still holding it and I flew up with the object a little bit.

I held it up against a wall while jumping on top of it and after a bit of trying I went through the ceiling.”

While the second method is faster than the first, it also disappointingly skips the best gameplay sequence in the entire game; the Ashtray Maze. You know, the part where the rock music starts playing as the world around you shifts like those buildings in the movie Inception.

There is currently a small but growing Discord group for Control speedrunners. You can check out full runs by Rothfusz and KevBot43 (the current world record holder for fastest Control speedrun) on their respective channels.

If you’re wondering, Control developer Remedy Entertainment supports all this. Community manager Vida Starčević said:

“We love to see it.

We’ve seen players do it with fridges and vending machines.”

Another developer even said:

“I don’t know how the hell they figured out a way to bypass the entire Ashtray Maze, but it was not what I was expecting,”

Control is now available for the PC (via Epic Games Store), PS4, and Xbox One. Check out our review of the game here to find out why you should play this underrated and overlooked gem.


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