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By now, you’ve probably seen ads on Lazada and Shopee for the Asus ROG Phone 2. However, those are the imported sets and if you’re keen on getting the official Malaysian model, then I’ve got good news for you. It was officially launched yesterday and here are the prices:


Asus ROG Phone 2
12GB RAM / 512GB ROM

Asus ROG Phone 2

Asus ROG Phone 2 Superpack
12GB RAM / 512GB ROM + all accessories and ROG suitcase

The Superpack comes in a special ROG suitcase made for storing all the accessories associated with the ROG Phone 2 which includes the ROG Kunai GamePad, TwinView Dock II, Mobile Desktop Dock, WiGig Display Dock Plus, and ROG Phone Bag. I suppose it’s made for those of you who want to make sure your family knows how much of a hardcore gamer you are every time you “balik kampung”.

If you’re interested in ordering the phones online, they’re sold on both Lazada and Shopee. The Superpack is only officially sold on Lazada.

In case you haven’t seen what you’ll get when you buy one of these babies, check out our unboxing video here. If you’re on the fence about the getting the phone, worry not because our ROG Phone 2 review will be out very soon.

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