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If you happen to be in Singapore, you may have heard that its annual video game event GameStart Asia will be happening this weekend on 12 and 13th October at Suntec Convention Centre, which just so happens to feature this year’s Southeast Asia Major fighting game tournament.

And if you’re a Final Fantasy fan who happens to be there, you’re in luck, since the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo will be playable in its hallowed neon hallways. Some caveats though;

  • This news was made five days before the actual event. So if you happen to be residing outside of Singapore, it’s going to be a mad-dash for you to book flight or bus tickets just to pop by for this.
  • There will only be six machines available. Given GameStart Asia’s history with queues since its 2014 iteration, only those who get to enter early via a convenient VIP pass will get to try the game out. Everyone else will probably get stuck in the line, waiting.
  • If you want to enter the venue at 10am to try to beat the FFVII Remake queue, you will need to fork out SG$70 for a VIP pass. At the very least, you’ll get a nice Alyse t-shirt to offset the crummy limited edition gaming peripheral that’s attached to it like an unwanted foetus.

If you didn’t get to go to TGS 2019 this year to get a hands-on, now’s a good time as any to drop on by and hope for the best. And if you don’t get there in time to get hands-on with the game, at least there’s a bunch of other things to do, like:

  • Watch the Southeast Asia Major 2019 tournament live, which is usually hype and a chief reason why someone would really want to go to GameStart Asia these days.
  • Visit Singapore’s RetroDNA community, where the theme this time is Sega Megadrive.
  • Meet 1/3rd of the Chrono Trigger directors, Takashi Tokita, who unfortunately couldn’t capture lightning in the bottle with I Am Setsuna and Oninaki.
  • A debut of a new Cyberpunk 2077 trailer, which will probably go online the same time for everyone.
  • A playable build of Marvel’s Avengers, which will probably experience the same queue issues like the FF7 Remake.


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