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Kakuchopurei’s Best Of 2019: Astral Chain

After releasing stellar action titles like Bayonetta, Vanquish, and Nier: Automata, how else can PlatinumGames top themselves?

Simple: just add a JoJo Stand; as an additional character to mix up your attacks, put your game in a sci-fi police setting, and keep in a Nintendo Switch exclusive. Quirky and charming characters, oddities like toilet paper collectibles, a pretty rough learning curve designed to make you multitask your fights while also switching between your titular chained Legion: this is PlatinumGames at its finest.

It’s really just a thrill to do a bunch of combos, tweak up your Legion so that you can switch between Sword and Arm mid-battle, dodge oncoming fire using your Beast Legion, and going through your police arsenal; all just to get that coveted S+ ranking for profit and bragging rights.


Unlike one of our top 30 games on the list, the devs are merciful enough to put in a hand-holding Easy mode for players who just want to breeze through the game and its anime cop story. You are given the choice to just go straight to Platinum Standard mode, finish the game, and attempt a Hard run for the ultimate beatdown aimed directly at you. All in all, it is cool to give player choice for their Switch action game experience.

This year has been blessed with a ton of action games, with Astral Chain capping it off with its blend of adventuring and ass-kickery using two characters at once. It’s the best new IP from Nintendo since the Splatoon series that prioritizes gameplay and challenge over everything else.

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