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#25. Shadow Hearts: Covenant – “Town of Twilight”

“Town of Twilight” showcases Yasunori Mitsuda’s own take on music with a European sound. The guitar strings on display aren’t overly complex, nor are they loud and intrusive. The mellow bass and acoustics linger and then lead into the uplifting sequence of an accordion.

When combined together, the music doesn’t sound at all off from the buskers you’d hear along the streets of Paris or somesuch. This is indeed an atmospheric track that is very appropriate for a game like Shadow Hearts: Covenant, which takes place in an alternate world version of Europe.

#24. Final Fantasy VI – “Aria di Mezzo Carattere”

Aria di Mezzo Carattere plays during Celes’ solo in the opera scene in Final Fantasy VI. It’s an iconic segment in the game for its surprisingly dramatic depiction of an opera performance, portrayed through the SNES’s limited 16-bit graphics and MIDI sound.

If you ever wondered how an unreal voice might bring players to tears, here’s what it sounds like. Just make sure to have the lyrics on hand for the full effect.

#23. Fire Emblem Awakening – “Conquest (Calm)”

One of the biggest innovations in Fire Emblem’s music design involved map-to-battle music transitions, which were first introduced in Fire Emblem Awakening. From the modest list of songs that do this, Conquest (Calm) remains a memorable one for its soothing  amidst the battlefield. Led by a flute humming softly to the Fire Emblem theme, it’s a comforting tune to listen to as you plan out your army’s movements, which can then switch seamlessly to a more amped up version once the armies start clashing.

#22. NieR: Automata – “City Ruins”

Many games contain soundtracks that serve to draw out the atmosphere in their environments. NieR: Automata does no different with City Ruins, a haunting piece that plays as you roam the remains of an unnamed human city that has now been reclaimed by nature. Yet, this is not the only version of City Ruins that exists. Play close attention and you may notice that the song changes, but only occasionally as you progress in the story. Whether it’s ambient or upbeat, or with or without vocals, returning to this location presents as a constantly unique experience in an unconventional but otherwise remarkable way.

#21. Chrono Trigger – Wind Scene ~ Yearnings of the Wind

Every now and then, you’ll stumble upon a track that’s so striking that it immediately grabs you. Chrono Trigger’s overworld theme, Wind Scene ~ Yearnings of the Wind, adds bits of weight throughout its arrangement, but begins with gentle hooks that instantly rise into long and distinct melodies. The Middle Ages of 600AD may seem like an unconventional time, but at least its music is a great way to unwind.

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