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Square Enix and People Can Fly will be releasing an Outriders demo next week on 26th February, 1am GMT+8 Malaysia/Singapore/Philippines time. The best part? It’s looking pretty packed.

The sci-fi co-op shooter demo will feature the game’s prologue and opening chapter. Gear from the demo will be early game variants. The demo’s level cap will be level 7, meaning your demo character will learn four abilities for each class and will get two skill points. The game’s world tier system (which determines difficulty and loot output) will let you progress up to the fifth tier.

“The further you get in the full Outriders story, the more twisted, exotic and powerful both gear and enemies will become. The demo runs up until the showdown with Gauss, the first rival Altered who may be even more dangerous than you. Some side missions unlock after defeating Gauss so you will be able to go back and explore the world.”

The demo will be out for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series. Do note that you can transfer your progress if you play the main game on the same platform account. However, progress will not transfer between the Steam demo and the full game on the Epic Store.

If you somehow cannot play the demo in February, rest assured that it’ll be available even past its 1st April release date.

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