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Developer Cliff Mitchell has announced that the official Kickstarter for Oddfauna Secret Of The Terrabeast is now live. The support from this Kickstarter will play a critical part in the evolution of the game. Oddfauna is gaining an enthusiastic, rapidly growing fanbase on Instagram with over 10,000 followers to date.

Described as an open-world sandbox adventure, players will help protagonist Astor farm, craft and shape the world as they uncover the secret of the Terrabeast. In this mysterious world, Astor will encounter all manner of strange creatures as they terraform the landscape and work together to survive.

Developer Cliff Mitchell said:

“Creating this game has been my dream for well over a decade.

One year into development now and I’m overwhelmed by the support I’ve received on social media and discord.

Thank you for signing up and supporting our Kickstarter!

It means a lot.

I hope this game provides players a feeling of joy and wonder as they explore this strange new world.”

The Kickstarter is already surpassing the initial pre-launch goal of 1,000 followers with 2,038 followers at the time of writing. A number of higher tier level rewards are being announced, which includes an exclusive, limited-edition sculpture of main character Astor riding a Mighty Beast produced by Level 52 Studios and original artwork by Oddfauna creator Emma SanCartier.

Best of all, JRPG fans will be happy to learn that famed Secret Of Mana composer Hiroki Kikuta is the composer for Oddfauna Secret Of The Terrabeast.

Individuals can sign up to support Oddfauna Secret Of The Terrabeast right now on Kickstarter by heading over here. Oddfauna Secret Of The Terrabeast is slated to release for the PC and Nintendo Switch sometime in Q1 2022. You can also wishlist the game on Steam now.

In the meantime, check out the trailer below:

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