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Returnal’s Developers Comment On Game’s Mid-Game Savepoint Demands

The PS5 exclusive shooter bullet hell fiesta Returnal is not an easy game for many. A lot of players are requesting that the game needs a mid-game save option. Or at least, a fix to make sure the game doesn’t bug out on them and lock them out of rooms in a single playthrough. Nothing frustrates people more when they follow the rules of the incredibly punishing game, only to have the game crash and locking them out of progress.

Developer Housemarque is listening to the community and has stated the following on a Twitter message:

“We hear the community and we love you all. Nothing to announce now, but keep playing and enjoying the challenge as you can!” #Returnal #PS5

Just a few takeaways from this:

  • It’s Housemarque’s game and it can do whatever it likes to it, challenge-wise. The company’s past titles Matterfall, Super Stardust, Resogun, and Nex Machina are also pretty tough games, so it’s the company doing what it does best.
  • That said, the progression-blocking bugs we’ve heard about the game so far prove that the game isn’t respecting people’s time and effort. In that context, we completely understand if you want a refund for a broken game, especially one with triple-A marketing attached to it.
  • If that can’t be fixed, perhaps the mid-game save option can help alleviate that.
  • Roguelike game Hades is a pretty tough game especially with its “Heat” levels cranked up, and that has a checkpoint system of sorts. Just saying.

If you’re having issues with Returnal’s difficulty, we have some guides for you.

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